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Is Evidence Displaying a "Blame Game"?

Ek to chori.. upar se seena-zori?
(after the theft .. thief acts like the aggrieved)

(75% of all terror plots originate from Pakistan says British PM)

All the evidence gathered by FBI, Indian intelligence, British intelligence and forensic stuff from the scene points to a clear finger at Pakistan.  There is NO doubt in the minds of people like Dr. Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, LK Advani, Condi Rice and other US officials, as well as the British PM and officials.  So, what does Pakistan have to say about it?

“Stop the Blame Game” and “improve” ties!

Just the suggestion that displaying credible proof to point at the culprit is a “Blame Game” simply insults my intelligence!  And honestly, when despite the firm evidence on where the criminal act emanated out of (and WHO did it), if some one keeps suggesting that it is a somehow “wrong” to even gather and accumulate the evidence and POINT to the culprit…. then honestly, I lose faith in any pretense of such a person/s being “Moderates” or peaceniks.  They are simply reduced to being FRONTS FOR TERRORISM!

So, the extremists attack and the moderates simply obfuscate.

I don’t think the common Pakistani who is into this “Blame Game/Peacenik/Improve ties” chorus even understands what he/she is doing!!  The people they are trying to “save” or shield are also the ones who will ultimately harm them.. in fact destroy them!  But the common Joe (Yusuf) in Pakistan cannot deal with this.. and it tries to thwart external efforts by this “victim playing” approach.  So the source of terror remains not only active but strong!

Meanwhile in this incident, despite its grave nature, India has used it to create conclusive proof on the clear and incovertible evidence for the world about involvement of agencies in Pakistan in Mumbai attacks and terrorism as a whole.  It is a certainty for most Indians but this is a good time for world to really get it.

The “Terror Masters” in Pakistan (Terror Cabal in Pak Army/ISI and LeT, Dawood Ibrahim and Al Qaeda type organizations) have chosen a bad time for the common man in Pakistan to come up with such a thing since Obama has been on record to say he prefers being tough on Pakistan.  Maybe it is a good way to provoke and create an “Iraq” out of Pakistan.  Iraq is the best thing to have happened to these Terror Masters.  And I was listening to Gen Aslam Beg in a program where he gave a warning – where he said that just like the “Mujahiden” from Afghanistan turned to Kashmir at the end of the war, he “sees” the “Mujahideen” from Iraq turn to India as well after that war!  Now, for a person who was the PRINCIPAL architect of the “Strategic Depth” framework to make that statement, shows what he is currently planning as well!  It is inconceivable that the Sunni/Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq have no support from the ISI (same guys who financed Mohd Atta and friends!).

With the single minded and unwavering mindset of the Terror Masters and the great game of obfuscation being played out between moderates and extremists, it is not a question of “IF” the war will happen or not.. but “WHEN”.  These guys will NOT rest until they break the patience of the Indian nation and of the rest of the world!