Exclusive Reports From Chabahar (Teaser)

Exclusive Reports From Chabahar (Teaser)

We bring to you ground reports from the Iranian port city of Chabahar where India is helping develop the Shaheed Beheshti terminal. Our Deputy Editor, Parul Chandra, was recently in Iran and visited the strategically located port, becoming the first and only Indian journalist to have visited Chabahar so far. SNI also attended the Chabahar international conference while in the port city  nestled in the south eastern coast of Iran in the Sistan-Baluchistan province, not too far from the Pakistan. The port is seen as a milestone in India’s quest to access landlocked Afghanistan by-passing Pakistan.

Also, in the long term, it’s expected to boost India’s connectivity to the Central Asian countries, Russia and even Europe. Read SNI’s upcoming reports from Chabahar that will give you a first-hand account of the port, the importance being attached to it both by India and Iran, and the expectations Indian business has from the newly developed port.

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