Exploring The Energy Centers of Cambodia And Vietnam

Exploring The Energy Centers of Cambodia And Vietnam

Raja Choudhury as he takes us on a historical and spiritual journey into the making of Angkor Wat and the sacred history and power of Cambodia and Vietnam. Raja will guide us on an Indiana Jones style quest into this exotic and mysterious region of the World.

We will discover:

1.How Indian Culture and Hinduism shaped the Cambodian Cosmology and Traditions over 2,000 years

2.The making of the Khmer Dynasty and the birth of truly Indianized Kings
3.The Building of Angkor Watt – Heaven on Earth – a living Meru

  1. From Hinduism to Buddhism, – How Cambodia became a country dedicated to Theravada Buddhism

5.The ancient influence of Chinese culture and Mahayana Chan Buddhism in Vietnam

6.The thin line dividing Cambodia and Vietnam is like today’s India and China – we will explore these similarities and differences.


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