Fake Government Office in UP with 20 employees!

Today I talked about Belgium having no National Government running the country for last 6 months.  Now here is an example of an entire FAKE Municipal Government office running in Jhansi in UP!  They had employed people and were issuing certificates and doing work normally until the people in that office complained to the seniors in the REAL office that they hadn’t gotten any salary!  Hmmm… the “seniors” thought, do we have an office in that town?  Well, if we dont function there, how the heck are you to get paid?  Because YOUR office IS running, dummies!

This guy – Shyam Valmiki – had started this entire operation to make money and then run away with it.  The promise he used was to give them employment.  Well, he did.  And then he thought that it was a fairly “profitable” business!  So, he, in all probability “took care” of the actual employees and had an entire FAKE office running.

Now, this is the funny part.  What if instead of Shyam Valmiki – it was actually a Maoist guy from Nepal?  or a Pakistani terrorist?  They could possibly have been running a faux government office and doing whatever they wanted AND making money!!  I wonder if Dr. Singh ever got to hear of this news?

Btw, look at the way this guy created the fake copy “office” – the detail is very impressive indeed!

According to Anirudh Singh Yadav, posted as head supervisor of sweepers at Valmiki’s fake office, “There was hardly any scope for suspicion because, after submitting the papers, we went for a medical examination and were provided certificates from the office of the Nagar Swathya Adhikari (NSA), Dr Bharadwaj.”

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