FINALLY! The Aliens have contacted!

The Aliens are finally coming! I mean we have been looking for them, waiting for them, making movies about them, befriending them in our soaps and fighting them… and also collecting their left overs from the crashed UFOs. Now, they have decided to send a signal to a telescope in Puerto Rico. Hmmm liking for the Latinos huh! 🙂

Now, there is a problem! We have received this anomalous signal – but what do we send in return? What if “Thank you” sounds like an F-word to them? What if “HI” means “Kill you”? The scientists are now meeting to discuss the “reply”. That’s a cool problem to have.

How the Aliens are and what they do is also unknown.  What if they are not just physical beings?  What if they are mere energy beings and currently part of our world already?

Or, what if they can transform from physical to energy beings at will?  Intelligence may not be a physical phenomenon as we keep thinking.

In absence of full understanding. how do we even structure our response at all?

So, with an estimated 10,000 intelligent civilizations “out there” (Drake Equation) and not knowing their cultures (heck we don’t even know the culture of the guy in the next street!).. is it advisable to even reply or contact? Some guys are advising caution to the reply plans.

Well, who knows maybe these guys can help us understand how to tackle the terrorism issues – they may have faced their own – and what to use when we are done with our oil? Maybe their blood has some oil-like qualities? Then it might be nice to have them multiply and colonize them? We on earth are pretty good at doing that, aren’t we?

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