For Kasabs to go, the cost of even Oblique interest in Jihad by ordinary Muslims has to be made exorbitant!

Kasab: Brainwashed Pawn or Young Sadistic Jihadi?

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab is suffering from fever – possibly dengue – and undergoing treatment in the high security Arthur Road jail in Mumbai.  He currently lives in a bomb proof, egg-shaped cell in that jail.  Recently his mercy plea was rejected and the Government has recommended Death Sentence for the only surviving terrorist of the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

“Kasab is being treated for fever for the past few days. Suspecting that the prisoner could be suffering from dengue, three tests were conducted on him by a team of doctors of JJ hospital but the results were negative,” said a police official on condition of anonymity.  “Doctors do not want to take any chance. Kasab is under observation and responding well to the treatment,” the official said.

Interesting, that someone who is sure to die is being treated lest he dies early due to disease. 🙂  But in case of Kasab may be it is correct as well.

Sometimes Kasab has come across as a pathetic pawn who was used and didn’t know what he was getting into.  But, on the other hand, the entire operation was done in a way which was highly professional and it is difficult to believe that the “brainwashed innocence” that is displayed by him is indeed so pure.

In all certainty, he knew where he was going.  He knew that people will die when he shoots.  Specially in the railway station.  He knew what his colleagues were upto.  To show that he is suddenly a pawn in the hands of someone else – specially someone who is faceless (though they aren’t – Pakistani authorities’ obfuscation notwithstanding!) – are the real culprits is foolishness.

If the states world over cannot get the main guys in Islamic Jihad, then they have to make life for other Muslims – pawns and not – who even obliquely support the Jihadi goals, a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!  Until the catchment population in the Muslim world is fearful and trembles at the consequences of even pretending any feeling for such mindless Jihadis, the recruitment of Kasabs will go on.  Worse, they will continue to feign innocence and the those “faceless” handlers will continue to be sheltered and shielded by unscrupulous States and Double-faced “Moderates”!

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