Forget Sachin, Thackerays, INDIA is BIGGER than Maharashtra!

Last updated on Nov 22, 2009

Posted on Nov 22, 2009

Shiv Sena is now treading a path that is very dangerous for the integrity of the Indian Nation as a whole.  Their big agitation for Maharastrians has been going for some time – specially from Raj Thackeray .. who’s victory gave them the idea that this is a viable “strategy” to win votes.  It may be a viable way to win votes, but if it ends up harming India as a country then frankly, these people need to be behind the bars.

‘Sachin is not bigger (greater) than Maharashtra, he is not like Lokmanya Tilak, Rajguru, Bhagat Singh who sacrificed their lives for the nation,’ Saamana said in an editorial written by Sanjay Raut, MP.

First of all, who is a Shiv Sena guy to tell the world what is good for the nation and what is not!

Second, and the MOST important, they better remember that INDIA IS BIGGER THAN MAHARASHTRA.  So, even if Maharashtra withers away one day… India as a nation and an idea cannot.  And Maharashtra is even a VIABLE existence and a possibility because it is PART OF INDIA!  On its own as a nation, Maharashtra would have been eaten up by Pakistan by now.

Maybe that is what these idiots from Shiv Sena and MNS prefer than being part of India!

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