Further Reflection on my initiation

Last updated on May 26, 2009

Posted on May 26, 2009

Yesterday was the penultimate day and there were further Q&As through which Sadguru helped everyone understand the Law of Karma and most basic way of coming out of it.  Now, over the years I have come to exactly the same conclusions that Sadguru presented through my own introspection and found that echo from very few sources.

Most of the Gurus and Saints deal with Karma in a very frivolous and superficial manner.   Most have no idea of what they are talking about anyways.  Karma and Law of Karma is at the root of our existence.  Unlike a lot of traditions which confuse Enlightenment with complete loss of Karma or Living as a quality with only the subtler or primordial part of existence; there is a fundamental series of action as a cause to an effect which leads to reaction (for many lifes).  The breaking of this series is being free of the Karma.  On drishtikone, we have talked about it many times before.

What completely surprised me was how everything was brought together by Sadguru in his lecture.  More than that, the areas of confusion for me are slowly going away after reflecting on what he said.

I believe that the Vedic/Vedantic tradition has always encouraged Q&A back and forth from the Guru and Shishya.  Although I did not have a personal back and forth, but the monologue was almost as if all the questions that I had put to myself over the ages were being taken up and answered one by one.  That sense of completeness gives one the trust to give this tradition a fair try.  Do everything with your eyes open and full awareness and yet have trust in the Guru, who you now believe has the ability to point to the right door.  Not that He will take you to that door… he will merely point it out to you and urge you to take your steps to go there.  After that its up to you and your Purusharth (self effort).

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