Fuzzy Indo-Pak Accounting and Gandhi’s Death

Fuzzy Indo-Pak Accounting and Gandhi’s Death

“Amount due from Pakistan on account of share of pre-partition debt (approx) Rs 300 crore.”

This is a notation that occurs in every Indian budget since 1948.  That was the amount Pakistan had to pay India at an interest rate of 3% in 50 annual instalments.  Now, that Rs. 300 crores was in 1948. And the interest rate fixed at that time was a meagre 3%. If we take that as the basis, then today Pakistan owes India USD 400 million. And if we go by what could be a reasonable interest rate – 10%, then the figures just go out of the roof – USD 22 billion!

After Partition, it was agreed that India would initially meet all the liabilities of the united entity and that Pakistan would then pay back its share of the debt to be mutually agreed. The sum finally agreed upon was Rs 300 crore. The rate of interest was fixed at 3 per cent and Pakistan was to pay back the amount in 50 annually equated instalments starting from 1952. (source)

So, take your figure, but surely it is not Rs 300 crores by any standards! Pakistan Government simply ignored its own obligation and got a pass on that when the pacifist Indian Governments never recovered their receivables!

Exchange of Assets and Liabilities post-partition

Now, let us go a little deeper into this issue. At the same time, both Pakistan and India had to also divide the Assets. According to that India owed Pakistan Rs 75 crores. Indian Government released Rs 20 crores, but withheld Rs 55 crores, presumably after the 1948 Kashmir attack by Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten, in his oh-so ethical best, went and brought Gandhi up on this. As was his wont, Gandhi went on a hunger strike. And India released the remaining amount. Clearly, Gandhi didn’t understand the basics of accounting! Assets and liabilities – especially from the same entity – CANCEL each other out! Gandhi was more bothered about the money to be given than money to be taken. Obviously, because no one could fault him for not balancing budgets… for he could easily wash his hands off any responsibility and accountability!

“The decision to withhold the payment of Rs 55 crores to Pakistan was taken by our government which claims to be the people’s government. But this decision of the people’s Government was reversed to suit the tune of Gandhiji’s fast.”

That’s part of the statement of Nathuram Godse on why killed Gandhi. (Other excerpts are below this post.) It is only when you really go into the details of the kind of madness that was so widespread in the name of pacifist nonsense, that you can understand the frustration and anger of a young man like Godse!

Reference Links:
1. Pak has owed India Rs 300cr for 60 yrs

Excerpts of Godse’s Statement at Gandhi Assassination trial:

“The background to the event of 30th January, 1948, was exclusively political. The fact that Gandhiji used to recite during prayers verses from the Gita, the Quran and the Bible never provoked any ill-will in me towards him. In this vast area live people of various faiths and I hold that these creeds should have full and equal freedom for following their beliefs.

“In my writings and speeches I have always advocated that religious and communal considerations should be entirely eschewed in public affairs of the country… I have throughout stood for a secular State with joint electorates.

“I am prepared to concede that Gandhiji did undergo sufferings for the sake of the nation… I shall bow in respect to the service done by Gandhiji to the country and to Gandhiji himself for the said service, and before I fired the shots I actually wished him and bowed to him in reverence

“Since the year 1920, after the demise of Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhiji’s influence in the Congress became supreme. His activities for public awakening were phenomenal… and were reinforced by the slogans of truth and non-violence. To imagine that the bulk of mankind is or can ever become capable of scrupulous adherence to these lofty principles in its normal life… is a mere dream. It was the heroic fight put up by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that first checked and eventually destroyed Muslim tyranny in India. It was absolutely correct tactic for Shivaji to kill Afzal Khan as the latter would otherwise have surely killed him. In condemning Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Gobind as misguided patriots, Gandhiji has merely exposed his self-conceit.

“During more than thirty years of the undisputed leadership of the Mahatma there were more desecration of temples, more forcible and fraudulent conversions, more outrages on women and finally the loss of one third of the country.

“Gandhiji was, paradoxically, a violent pacifist… He had often acted contrary to his professed principles and if it was for appeasing the Muslim, he hardly had any scruple in doing so. By the Act of 1919 separate electorates were enlarged and communal representation was continued not only in the legislative and local bodies but extended even within the Cabinet… Government patronage to Muslims in the name of Minority protection penetrated throughout the body politic of the Indian State and the Mahatma’s slogans were no match against this wholesale corruption of the Muslim mind. The position began to deteriorate and by 1926 it became patent to all that Government had won all along the line but Gandhiji… went on conceding one undemocratic demand after another to the Muslim League in the vain hope of enlisting its support in the national struggle.

“The communal principle became deeply embedded in the Reforms of 1935. Mr Jinnah took the fullest advantage of every situation. During the war, 1939-44, Mr Jinnah… promised to support the war as soon as the Muslims’ rights were conceded; in April 1940, within six months of the War, Mr Jinnah came out with the demand for Pakistan on the basis of the two-nation theory.

“The ’Quit India’ campaign of 1942 had completely failed. Britishers had triumphed and the Congress policy can be quite correctly described as ’Peace at any price’… The Congress compromised with the British who placed it in office and in return the Congress surrendered to the violence of Jinnah, carved out a third of India to him an explicitly racial and theological State, and destroyed two million human beings in the process.

“Gandhiji is being referred to as the Father of the Nation — an epithet of high reverence. But if so, he has failed in his paternal duty… Had Gandhiji really maintained his opposition to the creation of Pakistan, the Muslim League could have had no strength to claim it and the Britishers also could not have created it in spite of all their utmost efforts… The reason was… the people of this country were… vehement in their opposition to Pakistan. But Gandhiji played false with the people. He has proved to be the Father of Pakistan.

“…after handing over crores of Hindus to… Pakistan, Gandhiji and his followers have been advising them not to leave Pakistan but continue to stay on. Everyday that dawned brought forth news about thousands of Hindus being massacred… Gandhiji did not even by a single word protest and censure the Pakistani Government…

“About Kashmir, Gandhiji again and again declared that Sheikh Abdullah should be entrusted the charge of the state and that the Maharaja of Kashmir should retire to Benares for no particular reason than that the Muslims formed the bulk of the Kashmiri population. This stands out in contrast with his attitude on Hyderabad where although the bulk of the population is Hindu, Gandhiji never called upon the Nizam to retire to Mecca.

“About this very time he resorted to his fast unto death. Every condition given by him for giving up that fast is in favour of Muslims and against the Hindus. One of the seven conditions was to the effect that all the mosques in Delhi, which were occupied by the refugees, should be vacated… and be made over to the Muslims. Gandhiji got this condition accepted by the Government… Those were the days of bitter or extreme cold and on the day Gandhiji broke his fast, it was also raining.

“Families after families of refugees who had come to Delhi for shelter were driven out and while doing so no provision was made for their shelter and stay.

“The decision to withhold the payment of Rs 55 crores to Pakistan was taken by our government which claims to be the people’s government. But this decision of the people’s Government was reversed to suit the tune of Gandhiji’s fast.

“All his fasts were to coerce Hindus.

“Honourable Pandit Nehruji has himself taken a leading part in the acquiescing to the establishment of Pakistan, a theocratic State. But he should have realised that it will never bring prosperity to the Indian Union with a State founded on fantastically blind religious faith and basis.”

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