Gandhian with Guts: Anna Hazare calls Chidambaram a Liar and Mischievous

Last updated on Sep 2, 2011

Posted on Sep 2, 2011

“Chidambaram is ‘khodsal’ (a Marathi word which means a mischievous or a dishonest person),”

Said Anna Hazare of Indian Home Minister, P. Chidambaram.  When he was asked to explain what he meant, Anna further added that

“I call him Khodsal because he has told lies on many occasions.”

This is what I really like about Anna Hazare.  He not only has the arms that Gandhi used, but also has something that the Big G lacked big time!  Balls.  Anna Hazare can call a spade a spade, and he is not afraid of doing so.

We don’t need leaders – moral or political – who are forever talking esoteric nonsense and not prepared to go the extra mile.  It is important to have people who can speak out when it matters on people in power.  Enough of living in pretense!

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