Genocide by Proxy - a podcast

Genocide by Proxy - a podcast

For those who may have missed our last issue, here is a podcast of the main introduction that summarizes a very detailed discussion on how Pakistan has infiltrated and controlled the crimes and narratives within the Western countries.


You don’t have to kill an obscene number of animals in the most horrendous ways to be an inhuman slaughterer of other beings. You can simply buy their corpses off the grocery shelves and feel great about your humanity that facilitates such mindless slaughter.

That is the deception of outsourcing your crime by providing the ecosystem that enables violence, killing, genocides while you sign the certificates “No Crime Committed.”

Bodies of the hunted journalists come floating by. The persecuted end up on the shores cut up. Just as they feared they would be.

For, even in their refuge in your home, they could see how the demons had enmeshed themselves in your milieu.

You knew. They knew. The, now butchered, also knew.

But the denials, the facade, the silence in the face of the most horrible crimes have become the way to outsource the crimes and the guilt that comes with them.

Those who have had no sophistry of state-craft or the guile of the genocidal butchers have often, like the innocent and naive cows and sheep in the slaughterhouse walked along with their killers believing in a humane vein of normal existence that wasn’t.

Like, the butchers at the slaughterhouse, these killers were not killing because they were hungry. But because it was a sport. Or worse, an order from another to establish control over their lands.

They were paying for the unending greed of the multitudes of faceless demons. Demons who feel good in their sainthood, for the slaughter had been outsourced.

Here is the link to the full issue:  Issue #208 - The Silence of Collusion?

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