Google acquires BufferBox to consolidate its Retail Offerings

Google is now consolidating in the shopping and retail market in a big way.  After combining everything – digital and physical products – within the Google Play platform, now its getting the other pieces in place.

One of the startups that is going to set up Google’s future of retail in the physical area, is BufferBox.  Google has just picked it up.

The company, founded by three University of Waterloo graduates, offers a solution to online shoppers for more failsafe delivery of their packages.
Instead of giving their own shipping address, they sign up for BufferBox’s service, and have packages delivered to a secure BufferBox locker at one of its locations. The lockers are accessible around the clock with a PIN that unlocks them.
BufferBox is going up against competition including Amazon Locker, but that service is not available in Canada and accommodates Amazon deliveries; BufferBox is here and is available for any deliveries.

Google said of the move:

“We want to remove as much friction as possible from the shopping experience, while helping consumers save time and money, and we think the BufferBox team has a lot of great ideas around how to do that.”

Going forward, it will completely revolutionize the retail space as well.

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