Google Wave: the Messaging system of the Future

Last updated on May 31, 2009

Posted on May 31, 2009

Google just came out with its new tool called Google Wave.  Wave is a radically new kind of tool which enables people to interact simultaneously and real time in a framework that takes Emails/IMs to the next level.  (Demo at the end of this message)

Remember how Google started the “Conversations” thing in the Emails?  Well, they have gone further and used that conversations as the central point of the entire messaging universe.

Up until now, Emails were “push” conversations.  They were not real time.  In fact, even IMs were not real time as in one had to wait for the other person to completely type his or her message to view it.  All that can change now!

They have also made the embedding feature for the web sites and blogs really cool.  Such that the conversations can be carried on there and the Wave client itself simultaneously.

Now, this was unveiled in the Google I/O conference to enable the developers at large to start building Apps using its APIs.  So, that when this App is read by later this year, the Apps by these developers, which will surely enhance the appeal of Wave, will also be ready!  Such a powerful way to build a product’s lead…. and for free!  This is truly a revolutionary way of looking at the messaging of the future!

I am thinking that maybe… just maybe this could serve as the centerpiece of a collaborative and real time Business Intelligence system of the future!  A system where the reports and analysis are not “broadcasted” to recipients.. but brought up and discussed real time.  Since Wave has the feature for mobile device sync as well, imagine a Sales Manager and a Sales Rep discussing the latest sales numbers impromptu?  I guess some one needs to make embedding of reports from a data warehouse as easy as embedding pictures.  That, I think is the critical need of the future.

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