Gravity Light: LED lamp powered by sand or rocks for the poor villages of Africa

Last updated on Dec 22, 2012

Posted on Dec 22, 2012

Gravity Light: A generator powered by weight of gravity, which has been built for the developing and poor countries.  It does not use any battery nor any expensive stuff.  It would cost the people $5 to buy and there is no running cost.  It comes with a durable bag, which can be filled with stones or sand and the weight of that creates the power to light the lamp or even run a radio. It is an incredible idea indeed!

A $5 LED Lamp Powered By Sand And Gravity

GravityLight uses weight to illuminate without batteries or fuel (video)

A $5 Lamp Powered Solely by Gravity

Generating Light With Gravity

Gravity Light

Gravity powered lights, cheaper than solar

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