The Great Gambler and Guide takes a Bow from the World: Dev is no more

Last updated on Dec 4, 2011

Posted on Dec 4, 2011

Dev Anand, the legendary everygreen actor is no more.  At the age of 88, Dev Anand finally bid adieu to this world.  A world that he had adorned with him amazing energy and talent.  Even if all his work is thrown in the sea and wasted, just one movie – Guide – is enough to make him a cinematic great.  It was a masterpiece.. a magnum opus rarely seen.  In terms of its depth, acting, story, expanse and music it is spell bounding.

Very few people have the ability to rule the world of cinema the way Dev Anand had.  Very energetic and never living in the past, he was an extraordinary person who lived in each moment as though there was no tomorrow.  Finally, his heart gave way as he had a massive Cardiac Arrest and breathed his last in a London Hospital.

And nothing explains that attitude of living life as well as this song of his.

But my favorite of his songs will always be this.

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