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Posted on Jan 7, 2009


Not every situation in our life has anything to do with our karma. The concept karma has been abused a lot. Besides in case it is indeed a karmic debt we still have a lot of chances to neutralize its damaging effects by asking God what to do.
I’ve learned that in most cases  it can be posponed.

We, human beings, for more terrible news we have to face.  It means that we have the courage, the spiritual, mental or emotional means to overcome these hindrances.
I sense more that I know that many of us have been struck by very bad news, but here we are still alive and more importantly with a positive attitude of gratitude to the God of our heart, the beautiful loving heart of our understanding.
   It is when we haven’t been served on silver platters when the best in us arises and is able to succeed. Talking about myself, in this life I haven’t ever driven a car, so I’ve never own one. Has this made me unhappy? On the contrary I’ve been able to communicate with my peers in a very effective way. I still recall an article that appeared in READER’S DIGEST named: “Know our world by walking on it”

The apparntly bad news has come a true blessing in my humble life. Another situation is that I had firmly decided to stop working at a very old age, but thanks to the brain stroke I’m enjoying the sweet fruit of doing what I love and loving what I do. Doing my best to help people, well only those who want and need to be helped.
I’m fully and truely  enjoying life because I’m currently trying to share with you all the cosmic blessings that God gave me
and at the same time I’m enjoying your wisdom and knowledge on many interesting topics. This is also a very sincere THANK YOU NOTE.

Your loving brother on the path.

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