Guaranteed Success formula for Protesting in India: Play Aggressive-Victim, Gather numbers, threaten to blow up the city with riots

The whole country was up and backing the protesters of Delhi Gangrape.  They were peaceful, persevering, and principled.  Yet, the Government went ahead and attacked them with water canons and a lathi charge injuring several.  Aggressive, derogatory statements and bullying by all and sundry from the Government and Congress party apart.

Baba Ramdev was holding a peaceful protest in Ram Lila Maidan against corruption, repeatedly exhorting his audience to remain non-violent even if they were provoked.  In the middle of night, an entire battalion was brought in to attack them with lathis and tear gas.  Again, ridicule, verbal aggression, and derogatory remarks in plenty.

Cut to the current day.

Vishwaroopam has been banned in Tamil Nadu by the State Government, although the Madras High Court has now lifted the ban.  What is the reason for the ban and going along with the protests against it?  That “Law and Order situation can deteriorate”.  In fact the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) – which has led the protests has made it clear that showing the movie will impact the “Law and Order situation”.

How does TMMK know this?

Because it is the one which is going to create violence.

So, here someone is not happy with the things.  And has chosen to threaten a violent course of action to make their protest public.  They do not even have any pretensions about any “non-violence”.

Unlike the response from the Government to Baba Ramdev and the Delhi Protesters, what does the Government do here?  Gets scared, what else!?  It doesn’t want to take chances.

Message to the Aggrieved in India

Unless you think protesting and coming out on streets is some kind of entertainment and a stroll in the park for you, you need to take an important lesson from the reactions to the protests against Vishwaroopam.

If you want to get anything heard and force your way in India.  Collect arms, get numbers in people, invite hoodlums and goons and threaten to blow up the city and create outright riots.

Even the Judges will be shitting in their pants to say anything against you.  And while you are at it, create a nice “Victimization” story – any story would do.. no one cares in the media about its efficacy anymore.. they just freaking like “Ultra-aggressive Victims”.  Everyone loves them.  Socialists, Communists, Anarchists write tomes to express solidarity to such a group of people.

Now, that you have enough people with arms – as lethal you can get the better, raise you ideological pitch, Aggressively (no let up there, warn of as darn consequences as you can – beheading, burning .. whatever) pointing to your oh-so-sorry Victimization state.. and attack!

There is no way in hell that, that Joker-in-Chief called Digvijay Singh will have the balls to heckle you.  Manish Tiwari will be taking a few days off his speaking duties, and Manmohan Singh will remain in hibernation as he has done forever.

We get the Protesters we push for

It would take a rather idiotic and lunatic breed of protesters to not be looking closely to the reactions in the Vishwaroopam situation.  If THIS is what works, why in the world would he or she be going around taking lathis for no gain?

We are sensitizing the public at large towards a certain behavioral pattern by what we react to and how we react to it.  The manner and the intensity leave a trail in people’s minds.

The next time someone protests, the lesson to them is that they should leave no stone unturned in hitting the target hard.

Because Peace, Principles, and Non-violence don’t quite work in India anymore!

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