Gujarat blast case solved – a village Mufti and Software professional were Masterminds

Last updated on Aug 16, 2008

Posted on Aug 16, 2008

Gujarat blasts case has been solved.  In all 10 men were arrested.  One person is on the run.

This is the first case in the last 2 years where the masterminds have been finally caught!  That is strange and also amazing that Gujarat met with such success that even the Central team did not!

After no breakthroughs until five days into the investigation, the officers saw strange cell records – they received calls, but none went out and all of these phone number got discontinued after July 26, 2008.

The phone records led the team to a mufti (Abu Bashir) from a small village madrasa in Uttar Pradesh.  He was working with a software expert working with a Multi-national company in Mumbai!  He has been on a run ever since.

The other accused are youths from Ahmedabad and Vadodara — Jahid Sheikh, Sajid Mansuri, Yunus Mansuri, Samsuddin Sheikh, Arif Kadri, Gyasuddin, Imran, Usman Agarbattiwala, Iqbal Sheikh and Asif Kagzi.

It seems that these people were also involved in the bombings of Bangalore, Jaipur Ajmer and Malegaon.

As much as one would like to believe in humanity and the religious freedom of people, but such widespread insanity from just ONE set of people makes it very difficult to respect the basic foundation of such a religious ideologies.  India and Hindus have been at the receiving end of this barbarism from the attacks of the Sultanate to Aurangzeb to now…. and there seems to be no end to all this!!

Its ironic because there is NO Islamic society where the common man is happy!  There was never a society where the Shariat was established and the society conducted according to it and people have lived with a fair degree of freedom.  The only example people give is of Turkey and the Spain of the Moors – but ask any Islamic scholar if that is how a Shariat society is run and they will scorn at that!  And even stranger is that the Masters of these guys in Pakistan are hardly running that place so the Muslims – even Sunnis (forget the Shias, Bengalis, Ahmediyas) – could feel secure or happy!!  So, if leaving and hurting India is a passion – what do they want to replace it with??

Does one even think of the future?  And it is precisely THIS insanity – of killing for the sake of an ideology .. NOT LOGIC or even fairness …. that marks the central character is Islamic terrorism!

I am convinced that there is a very … VERY .. strong case of revisiting the very foundations of Islam by its own adherents and revise its context for its survival – a sentiment which is, by definition, blasphemous.  But that is the ONLY “peaceful” way out – otherwise the world is moving towards a very violent showdown.

LIke I have always said, an apple seed cannot give a lemon tree.  So, when you see a lemon on a tree, be assured that the seed was that of lemon.  So, if you want apples – put in an apple seed.  And if you see anything else on your tree – its time to change the seed!

(Story Sources: TOI . Rediff)

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