Gulf of Mexico drilling ban: If you can't fix it don't touch it!

Last updated on Jun 23, 2010

Posted on Jun 23, 2010

A lot has been said about the Obama administrations ban on Deepwater drilling in Gulf of Mexico and the overturning of the ban.  Both sides have emotional, socially relevant and interesting arguments.  I am not a technical Oil and Gas guy, so I have no idea about which side is technically right or wrong.

I have a simple problem with drilling in the Gulf and deep waters.  Its been over 2 months that this pipeline has been leaking… and there has been no fix.  BP is not a neighborhood, fly-by-night.. but one of the best in business.  And BP has NO FREAKING idea on how to fix it.  From the looks of it, it seems NO ONE in the entire freaking world knows how to fix it!  If someone did, he/she could have pocketed a cool pile of dollars (in Billions!).

So, the entire industry has dug up the oceans to get the gas and crude out, without knowing how to shut the pipe up??  Is that where we are?  The way this thing has played out, that’s EXACTLY how it is!!

My take – if you can’t fix when its broken, then don’t do it.. PERIOD!  No ifs and no buts!  You don’t need all the pipelines to burst to damage the oceans.. one is enough!  The margin of error is almost negligible.  You cannot have 100% on the upside and only a percentage on the downside!  Who pays for the damaged marine life?

So, until these smart guys learn how to reach 5000 ft into sea to fix a broken tube… I would instruct them, if I could like the US President can – just as I would instruct my 5 year old going to touch a hot plate.. STAY THE HECK AWAY!

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