Hamid Gul on Pakistan, US and India

Last updated on Nov 16, 2009

Posted on Nov 16, 2009

Here is the self confident big talking ex-ISI Chief from Pakistan.  If his utterances were not so inflammatory and hallucinating to the country which is already burning from his past deeds, one would have laughed the night off at some of his statements.

– World needs a new order because the Western order is collapsing.  Who can give the new order?  Pakistan!  That is why US is against Pakistan
– I wish they (US) attack Pakistan.

Now, in the rest of the video he is giving his analysis of how US has Pakistan by its balls and how its plan to “demilitarize, denuclearize, de-Islamicize” Pakistan has succeeded spectacularly… where Pakistan’s own agencies and Government are helping them out.  Yet, I must commend his amazing level of hallucination and self confidence as to how Pakistan is such an amazing thing that it will change humanity’s direction by providing a new egalitarian and socially useful “social order” based on Islam and literally “save” the world.

I have seen complete drunks talking complete nonsense, but none could even touch this guy’s level at any point.  Just for that, I admire him.

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