Hatred for India and Hindus in Pak school text books

Last updated on Dec 26, 2008

Posted on Dec 26, 2008

In an article in the Times of India, Arif Mohammad Khan, a former Union Minister cites some interesting instances from the school text books in Pakistan that try to inculcate hatred towards India and Hindus in particular.

– The British had the objective to take over India and to achieve this, they made Hindus join them and Hindus were very glad to side with the British. After capturing the subcontinent, the British began on the one hand the loot of all things produced in this area, and on the other, in conjunction with Hindus, to greatly suppress the Muslims. (Class V text book on History)

– “Their (Muslim saints) teachings dispelled many superstitions of the Hindus and reformed their bad practices. Thereby Hindu religion of the olden times came to an end.” (Class VIII text book)

– “In 1965, the Pakistani army conquered several areas of India, and when India was on the point of being defeated, she requested the United Nations to arrange a ceasefire. After 1965, India, with the help of Hindus living in East Pakistan, instigated the people living there against the people of West Pakistan, and finally invaded East Pakistan in December 1971. The conspiracy resulted in the separation of East Pakistan from us. All of us should receive military training and be prepared to fight the enemy.” (Class V text book on Indo-Pak wars)

– “In the 1971 India-Pakistan war, the Pakistan armed forces created new records of bravery and the Indian forces were defeated everywhere.” (book for Higher Secondary students – no mention of the atrocities of Western Pak forces in now Bangladesh and despite the abject surrender by Pak forces and 90,000 PoWs that India returned, they still seem to have won everywhere!)

– “Previously, India was part of Pakistan.” (Class V book, has this complete masterpiece!)

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Pak textbooks build hate culture against India

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