Hats Off To Prof Rajendar Kachroo

This morning, when I read the newspaper, the article written by Prof Rajendar Kachroo, father of  late Aman Kachroo, brought tears in my eyes.

(Again now, when I am inserting this pic on my post, I am holding on to my tears.  Afterall, a child is a child, yours or mine, how does it matter.)

Prof Kachroo is a father who lost his young son, a child who was bright, intelligent, healthy, with dreams in his eyes.  A child who was beaten to death by the seniors of his college in the name of ragging in March 2009.   This man (and his family) has lived on with this killing pain on his chest.  He not just lives on but has made it his personal calling to eradicate the menace called ragging from Indian educational institutions.

Hats off to this gentleman, who, first of all, did not let his personal tragedy break him.  He decided to fight against ragging.

Secondly, hats off to this father.  I have respect for him especially because, ordinarily such an incident makes a person wallow in self pity, it makes us kind of closed, because we know we have lost what we had. So, many of us would have believed there is no point fighting for it.  We tend to become self centred and we are, kind of, not bothered about any one’s else’s child.  But this man, has transcended his grief and fought the system, represented in the judiciary by starting this civil reformist  movement called Aman Movement so that our children feel safer in their colleges.  I think its a magnanimous effort from his side.  You can also join this movement. Please see amanmovement.org.

Dear fellow blogger pals, we place advertisements on our personal blogs. But I think, we should place such widgets/social messages so that more and more people become aware.  We, as bloggers, surely can make a difference.

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