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Last updated on Oct 2, 2008

Posted on Oct 2, 2008

Ancient esoteric teachings from different sources have always emphasized the daily stimulation of our chakras (psychic centers) before each of our meditations in order to obtain many more benefits from it. These wise instructions recommend us to start with an invocation to our divinity, to the God of our hearts, the God of our comprehension then to lit some first quality incense, plus a pleasurable background music to set the appropriate physical, mental and spiritual moods. Throughout centuries of experimenting they also discovered the tremendous importance the using of our vivid imagination to reach high planes of cosmic communion.

Not only has our psychic sensitiveness increased, but also our spiritual awareness as well. These daily stimulations also help us to maintain an ideal state of well being. Our thinking improves to a degree of obtaining clearer and more accurate ideas, thoughts and feelings which facilitate the set of our goals. Experienced observed in students from different backgrounds and ages have proven that just after a couple of months doing this daily stimulations our psychic centers start to influence our reality regarding to feel more vividly our spiritual immense world. This majestic sphere of pure spirituality starts to influence our lives in very positive ways. Our perspective about dealing with difficult people improves a lot because the negative vibrations coming from these human beings don’t bother us anymore. These negative emanations are easily neutralized first, and then they are transmuted into positive irradiations by our strong magnetic auras. If on the contrary our encounters are with beautiful people their positive emotions, thoughts and words are integrated in our magnetic field effortlessly getting stronger with every encounter. Another great advantage of this auric reinforcement is that the objects that we touch are highly magnetized. On the other side of the coin we are aware that every time we enter a room or an office we immediately start feeling its atmosphere, this impressions about these places could be positive or negative. In other words we are able to feel the hidden messages in the molecular structure of things, places and people. We can see beyond the many times deceiving appearances.

It is funny how this person got committed to following the spiritual path. It started with martial arts. I instructed myself with a lot of these exercises because about the late fifties I saw myself facing dangerous situations. During just a week I saw my life threatened three times. Because I heard the voice of my intuition I escaped unharmed, but it made me think very seriously about doing something about it. In just a couple of months I was able to demonstrate myself the effectiveness of mind over matter. Breathing exercises hand in hand with imagination brought amazing results. The key word I discovered was focus. Focus on succeeding on liberating a great amount of energy in a split of a second. Not only to heal, but to reinforce will power, making stronger muscles and the manifestation of possessing very fast reflexes to defend myself. After two years of this self-training I was ready for some mystical exercises by Raja Yoga. These special exercises allowed me to develop some telekinetic attributes. This was when I stared to meditate. I was seeking answers regarding healing others. Then something very positive happened when I watched the movie Ben Hur when in a scene appeared OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST just showing his back, his magnificent silhouette Oh my God! What a wonderful moment! Right away I felt that something divine has just awakened in my interior. The awaking was in my soul personality, it wished to manifest itself in an urgent way. It was then, that I understood the memories experimented when I was only eight years old. All made sense. I understood seeing myself as having many manifestations as being priest from different religions, also as being a warrior. I even remembered being shaman on North American, Mexico and Peru lands several times.

But this story isn’t about me is about you. What you are reading is the accumulation of both knowledge and wisdom from my soul personality through many years in many places. It strongly advises me to tell you to start your stimulations by placing your index, middle and ring fingers from each of your hands on your chest area for seven minutes before your meditation. Try to breathe as deeply as possible for twenty seconds then do your normal breathing for forty seconds and then take your next deep breathing and so on until you have done seven of these breathings. The next step is to rest both hands on your lap. Here is important to relax for three minute before you start your meditation. We must keep in mind the benefit of mankind, of every human being on this planet. Now we are really ready to begin meditaing.

I expect you to really enjoy these exercises they are indeed very, very effective. I must inform you that these exercises given by me are 100% original. I didn’t receive it from the sacred places I studied for many years. I still keep observing my cosmic ethical points of view with maximum respect.


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