Hindu Gurus Accepting Max Mullerian Translations is the Biggest Disadvantage Done to Hinduism #31

Hindu Gurus Accepting Max Mullerian Translations is the Biggest Disadvantage Done to Hinduism #31

Rajiv Malhotra:

A lot of confusion because of language translations that people make. People translate that Heaven is the same as Swarga. Can you explain the differences between Swarga and Heaven, and there is no Devil in our system; there is no Anti-Brahma, or Anti-Shiva, like there is Anti-Christ.

Swami Nithyananda:

The whole translation done by the western scholars is with the purpose of either the profound Vedic and Hindu thought currents are lower than their thought currents, or equivalent. They are not interested in the broader and deeper and larger dimensions explained, expressed in Vedic Agamic literatures and thought currents. For example, Sadashiva cannot be explained as God. God is only Generator, operator, destroyer, but Sadashiva does five. Generation, operation, destruction, managing delusion and liberation. When we do not know delusion and liberation, we do not know the life! Unfortunately, they were able to see only three operations in the life. Generation, operation, destruction. They were never able to perceive, conceive, anything more than these three. So they framed, created, their God; generator, operator, destroyer. I should say, God is the projection of man’s mind, Sadashiva projects us from His mind.

Further, He elaborated: “Hindu organizations that accept interpretation of non practicing westerners do great damage to Hinduism.

Swarga is not Heaven; Swarga, what you want becomes reality, and you celebrate. It is not common for all. Each Jeeva’s Swarga is  different. It’s a private reality. It’s like a home. All homes in that frequency are in a plane; they can visit, but they all have independent Swargas. Heaven is a multiple apartment complex; and, in every level, we should be very clear, our practitioners translate. We should not swallow the tranlations, word equivalents forced on us by the limited understanding non practitioners of Hinduism. They may have two reasons: one, ignorance, two, waging war through this intellectual distortion. Especially Hindu Gurus should not go behind these Max Mullerian. Being accepted by Hindu organizations is the biggest disadvantage done to Hinduism. The whole Neo Vedantistins are the product of the non practitioners translation of Hindu texts. (Rajivji: which have been accepted by our own people.)

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