'Hindu Scriptures Contain Timeless Cosmic Truths' | Shiva Agamas | Arti Agarwal | #SrijanTalks

'Hindu Scriptures Contain Timeless Cosmic Truths' | Shiva Agamas | Arti Agarwal | #SrijanTalks

#ShivaAgamas #Hinduism #SrijanTalks

Even as Hindu society finds itself largely distanced from its spiritual moorings in modern times, Arti Agarwal points to the brilliance of Shiva Agamas and the timeless Cosmic Truths they hold within, explaining how they are more relevant to Hindu society now than ever before. Revealed to the Sapta Rishis by Lord Shiva Himself, Shiva Agamas are living scriptures that guide human beings to connect with the inner realm and ultimately realize the Cosmic Truth of Shivoham – I am Shiva.

Expounding on every aspect of life, from deepest spiritual insights into the nature of the Cosmos to the knowledge of liberation; from precepts of Yoga to experiencing Oneness of Tantra; from principles of sculpture for constructing temples to different types of pooja, mantra and mudra; and from rules of daily conduct to rituals; Shiva Agamas are essentially the Applied Science of ancient Hindu Spirituality that offers lasting solutions to the myriad problems faced by humankind.

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About The ​Speaker:-
Arti Agarwal is a devotee of Lord Shiva, a disciple of H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a graduate of IIT Roorkee, writer, artist, photographer, content marketer, all-round creative nerd & professional and iconoclast,  Arti Agarwal’s goal is to share her knowledge with the world, and inspire more people to be creative. According to her, she’s here to reiterate our Vedic Rishis in a modern-day world.


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