Hinglish Ads in US media to target Indians

Last updated on Jun 9, 2010

Posted on Jun 9, 2010

Corporates in US are waking up to the Indian American population.  The ads in US – mainstream media – say it all.  I recently got this small card from McDonalds with Hinglish Ad slogan – the type one sees in India.

And then, this weekend, I was driving happily along the Highway 6 in Houston, when I happened to look up at a bill-board to find another screaming Hinglish slogan from Wells Fargo.  Now Houston is not San Francisco or New York.  It is a fairly conservative Southern town.

I was with my sister, who was paying a visit from Delhi.  So it was as perfect a setting as it could be.  In fact, for a few minutes, it didn’t register.. as I almost thought I was in India.  Then it ocurred to me.. that it wasn’t “business as usual”!  So, I came back and took a shot of it for posterity.  The day, when American media announced it knew Indians were living around here.. and were worth their money to target!

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