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Corporates in US are waking up to the Indian American population.  The ads in US – mainstream media – say it all.  I recently got this small card from McDonalds with Hinglish Ad slogan – the type one sees in India.

And then, this weekend, I was driving happily along the Highway 6 in Houston, when I happened to look up at a bill-board to find another screaming Hinglish slogan from Wells Fargo.  Now Houston is not San Francisco or New York.  It is a fairly conservative Southern town.

I was with my sister, who was paying a visit from Delhi.  So it was as perfect a setting as it could be.  In fact, for a few minutes, it didn’t register.. as I almost thought I was in India.  Then it ocurred to me.. that it wasn’t “business as usual”!  So, I came back and took a shot of it for posterity.  The day, when American media announced it knew Indians were living around here.. and were worth their money to target!