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Health & Medicine

Only 46% of Mothers in India Breast-feed

Breat Milk is very important for the future of the newborns.  Yet, I saw a statistic [] that shocked me for the Indian context. > only 46 per cent of Indian mothers breastfeed their babies during the first six months, according to a survey

06 Aug 11 1 min read
Health & Medicine

Sexual Stimulation in Women has been mapped

Medical researchers have mapped out the Genital sensations in women and the findings seem to be in line with what the women knew instinctively and suggested men to improve their satisfaction. Some women are hardly ever satisfied by male partners and often use sites like sex toy insider [https://www.

06 Aug 11 4 min read
Health & Medicine

Indian Hospitals: Killing Fields?

An unfortunate incident has come to light that showcases the insensitivity of the medical practitioners and the rot in India’s hospitals these days.  The staff of Allahabad’s Swaroop Rani Hospital apparently dumped two patients in a forested area at the behest of a doctor.  One was mentally challenged

04 Aug 11 1 min read

Indian Online Bookseller Flipkart is now valued at $1 billion

Indian online book sellers, Flipkart – are now valued at $1 billion!  The company was started in 2007 and their growth has been nothing less than spectacular!  Now they are raising $150 million in a PE round [

02 Aug 11 1 min read

Ransom Insurance comes to India!

Now there is a new kind of insurance in India.  Its called “Ransom Insurance”.  Apparently, there are way too many kidnappings occuring these days specially amongst the high and mighty.  Therefore, its always a danger of a kidnapping looming around. For example, in 2006, Anant Gupta, son of Adobe Senior

02 Aug 11 1 min read

Indictment of Crime or Resignation by the Justice?

A Kerala High court judge had an interesting observation on the society around him: > “Sex with young girls had become the luxury of the rich and the hunt for virgins had gained momentum. This may be because of fear of AIDS,” So spake Justice K T Shankaran, in a case

01 Aug 11 1 min read

Liberals in Fai’s crosshairs

While many Congressmen are in the cross-hairs of being recipients of money from Ghulam Nabi Fai, the front man for ISI in Washington DC; many Indian liberals are also in the list of the beneficiaries who received hospitality of these guys.  As Gurumurthy lists out, here are some of the

30 Jul 11 1 min read

The Ultimate Friendship

This post is in response to the Blogadda Friends Forever Contest of August 2010. This contest has been sponsored by Pring00. We had’nt met for 15 years and yet when the call came – I was thrilled. He had been a good friend when we were training together at the

02 Aug 10 1 min read

Life is never a "JINGA LALA"

I am not launching a long diatribe against “Indian education system “but my concern is towards many young toddlers who are going to grapple next 22 years of their life under the Diktat of their parents and their sordid attitude towards education. Parents here I am referring are mostly skeptical

08 Jul 10 4 min read
United States of America

Judge who struck Obama drilling ban has Conflict of Interest

Very interesting… the judge who struck down the Obama administration ban [] reportedly has extensive investments [] in the Oil and Gas companies.  Does that count for conflict of interest?? > The Louisiana judge who struck down

23 Jun 10 1 min read

Ethics and US Corporate Executives

I saw this quote on the facebook wall of my friend.  Worth quoting here: > “If (BP CEO) Hayward gets kicked out, he’ll walk away with a generous pension entitlement of nearly $900,000 a year.To jaded American eyes, these figures may not seem that large. But that’s

22 Jun 10 1 min read

Yugbodh ka Hastakshar

I read this poem and found it very motivational.  Wanted to share it with all. दिग्भ्रमित क्या कर सकेंगीं, भ्रांतियाँ मुझको डगर में; मैं समय के भाल पर, युगबोध का हस्ताक्षर| कर चुका

14 Jun 10 1 min read

Sri Sri Ravishankar on the "Bullet incident"

Although, the interviewer could have done a better job at asking questions and been a little more probing and been more articulate, but Sri Sri’s answers were well articulated.  This is something that is worth looking at.  There is a prejudice that is coming up and it is perpetuated

11 Jun 10 1 min read

Hinglish Ads in US media to target Indians

Corporates in US are waking up to the Indian American population.  The ads in US – mainstream media – say it all.  I recently got this small card from McDonalds with Hinglish Ad slogan – the type one sees in India. And then, this weekend, I was driving happily along the Highway 6

09 Jun 10 1 min read

Why Children's Day?

Sometimes it takes a simple question to set an entire people thinking.  Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first PM’s birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day in India.  In a recent meet, Narendra Modi questions [] as to how has such

07 Jun 10 1 min read

Plane plunges 5000 feet while Pilot takes a leak

Air travel has suddenly become dangerous.  There was this Mangalore plane crash a few days back of the flight coming back from Dubai.  It appeared to be partly due to pilot error as the record indicates co-pilot warned not to land and urged multiple times to go up and turn

01 Jun 10 1 min read
Motivation and Personal Development

Science of Motivation: "Will I" vs "I Will"

Testosterone oriented motivational paradigm believes that if we tell ourselves something we are most likely to succeed.  But is that how it all works? Study by University of Illinois Professor Dolores Albarracin and Visiting Assistant Professor Ibrahim Senay, supported by Kenji Noguchi, Assistant Professor at Southern Mississippi University says that

01 Jun 10 1 min read

Shilpa wears Mangalsutra on her hand.

Mangalsutra has been the mark of a married women in India for centuries now.  Quite like a ring is in the Western men and women in the West.  It is made in a certain way.  It is usually a gold pendant strung from a yellow thread prepared with turmeric, a

15 May 10 1 min read

Bill Gates babua goes to Bihar!

Now Bill Gates has new lessons [] to learn from Bihar, specially women of the self Help groups.  After crossing the Kosi river to get to Khagaria in Bihar, he came in contact with many great stories of human endeavor and perseverence.

15 May 10 1 min read

Mandira's Bedi's EkOmkar Tattoo

Mandira Bedi recently was at a dealers meet of Jaypee Cement at Zirakpur, near Chandigarh, which she attended with Sachin Tendulkar.  She was spotted wearing the Ek Omkar tattoo on her back (nape). Akal Takht, the Sikh Religious body is not happy and wants her to take it off as

15 May 10 1 min read
Health & Medicine

From Botox to Yoga, a body full of toxins

Katie Price alias Jordan, a model, is struggling to conceive [] because of all the toxins in her body. > is struggling to conceive probably because of toxins in her body from Botox and tanning So, what does she do?  She has gone to

11 May 10 1 min read

Advise for financial advisors

Investing and financial advisory is so tough that most don’t get it right.  Any help we can get from various quarters is useful.  Here is a very good – and succinct – list of things that EVERY financial advisor Columbia sc [] and investor should remember.  It is

05 May 10 1 min read

Trust MSFT to run ANY Online business into the ground!

Microsoft has bungled its internet business like no other company.  I personally feel that there should be a federal edict to dis allow Microsoft from doing ANY business online.  Here is a company that bought Hotmail at its peak and screwed it up soooo badly that it just ran not

27 Apr 10 1 min read

Hubby on sale and married relationships

These days the marriages are under pressure.  Both the spouses are working – given the economic conditions – although their expectations and value systems are still out of the last century.  So, some get put off and some try something new to keep it revived and some just carry on a dead

25 Apr 10 1 min read

View from the Middle

This view is from Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) – what an experience it may be from the center of the this small bridge.. what would you feel?

22 Apr 10 1 min read

Now, why has Nithyananda been arrested?

So, today Nithyananda was arrested [] in Himachal Pradesh on a “Non-Bailable” Warrant.  Now, for WHAT exactly?  That he had sex with an adult in their privacy? I don’t get the reason .. really.  Can someone explain to me?  Because none of those

22 Apr 10 1 min read

Ideological Warfare and India's bane

Here is an interesting discussion with the ex-Chief Propagandist of the KGB during the Soviet time.  He is talking about how a country is controlled without fighting a war.  The entire process takes about 25 years, but at the end of that time you can basically colonize the country.  The

22 Apr 10 1 min read

Rich and Criminal "Elders" of the country

Rajya Sabha – is the House of “Elders” (I am adding quotes for a reason!) – where the members are nominated – not elected.  So, it would seem we would have people: * Who represent the common man * Are distinguished in their own right * Have something useful to offer to the society by way

13 Apr 10 1 min read

JNU Students Celebrate Dantewada Massacre

The Communists have for a long time been involved in open or covert treason in India.  This is known at the highest echelons of Indian polity.  Yet, they are tolerated and let to function and get to power because of a pervert thinking on part of Congress that keeping any

11 Apr 10 1 min read

Without food, water or Medicine – Jawan fights and gets massacred by Maoist

To fight the Maoists, the Indian Government is sending our soldiers to fight without proper food, medicines, or water!  Recently there was a news item [] where SC reprimanded the Government on treating the Army jawan worse than a beggar. Its another example of why the

08 Apr 10 1 min read

Unique way to solve the Traffic accidents problem in Shimla!

Indian society has unique challenges and we come out with unique solutions! Here is a blogger – Karan Talwar – who discussed a solution that was used in Shimla to reduce the traffic accidents – in areas where the traffic was completely lawless.  Drivers were reckless and no amount of signage would stop

08 Apr 10 1 min read

Getting my Chai right!

Yesterday at Houston’s Bush airport (near gate E-1) I went to ‘Peet’s Coffee” and asked for Masala Chai.  I thought that instead of the regular Starbucks chai, let me try the chai from this chain.  Chai from Starbucks is my favorite drink outside my house. I prefer to

06 Apr 10 2 min read
Air Fares

Compendium of sites to get best air fares!

Air travel has become so ubiquitous and the fares differ so wildly that it is a game to save money and to get the ticket you want. It takes a lot of effort, research and creativity to get the right ticket! Here is a very interesting post that details out

04 Apr 10 1 min read
Health & Medicine

Men programmed to be obsessive about sex

Dr. Louann Brizendine M.D., is a neuropsychiatrist and the author of “The Female Brain”.  She has now come out with a new book “The Male Brain: A Breakthrough Understanding Of How Men And Boys Think” []. There she argues [

02 Apr 10 1 min read

When Poverty is better than Misery

Poverty is the worst state many imagine, but what can be worse than Poverty?  When devastation and helplessness has reached levels of unbearability (word?) then one probably may think that steady life of poverty is probably better than devastated life in misery. Mankind lives in psychologies of people.  The existence

01 Apr 10 1 min read

Oracles, their Parables and the future of American "Basicland"

Charles Munger is the Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the legendary company led by the "Oracle of Omaha", Warren Buffett.  Both Munger and Buffett are perhaps two of the greatest investors that the world has known and are renowned for their discipline.  They are also fiercely patriotic Americans.  I have read

31 Mar 10 3 min read

Obama invited to Islam

You can fault these guys for anything, but for having nerves and being blatant. These guys are standing right in front of the White House and mouthing all sorts of stuff against US and Obama. And then they proceed to invite Obama into Islam because that will “save” him. It

31 Mar 10 1 min read

What if stock market history repeated itself.. EXACTLY!

Do you want to know where the stock market is headed in the next three years?  Well, if the history repeats itself EXACTLY then maybe this chart may offer a clue. But then history doesn’t repeat itself exactly.  🙂 Only if it did.. you would be buying now until August

30 Mar 10 1 min read

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