Indictment of Crime or Resignation by the Justice?

A Kerala High court judge had an interesting observation on the society around him:

“Sex with young girls had become the luxury of the rich and the hunt for virgins had gained momentum. This may be because of fear of AIDS,”

So spake Justice K T Shankaran, in a case where he rejected the bail pleas of eight accused in a case relating to the rape of a 14 year old girl from Paravoor in Ernaulam district, by 100-odd men over a period of time.  One of the accused is the loca CPMl leader Thomas Varghese.

Don’t know if this was a statement of resignation because of the ways of the rich and powerful or a statement of indictment?  It does point to a state in the Indian society which has taken a very sick turn.  By treating the women as commodities, even young girl , we risk tearing apart the entire fabric of the society.

Even though the Indian law calls for death sentence for rape, they still continue and justice is hard to come by.  What can be done to stop this?

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