Indian Hospitals: Killing Fields?


An unfortunate incident has come to light that showcases the insensitivity of the medical practitioners and the rot in India’s hospitals these days.  The staff of Allahabad’s Swaroop Rani Hospital apparently dumped two patients in a forested area at the behest of a doctor.  One was mentally challenged and the other suffered from haemophilia.  It was done when Dr. Sonu Sood paid Rs 150 to the ward boy to get rid of these patients as they were brought in, in unclean and shabby state.  This hospital was affiliated with Motilal Nehru Medical College – a premier Medical college in UP.

Luckily the two patients were found alive.  Just recently in another incident from Uttar Pradesh, a patient admitted to the emergency ward of a Kanpur hospital was mauled to death by stray dogs!

What is happening in the Indian hospitals now is unheard of.  Such level of insensitivity is not even human.  As a society, we need to review ourselves and see where we are headed with this kind of madness amongst us – specially within those who are the elite of the society.

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