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The Silent Cry of an Abused Child

Child abuse is a very painful experience for those who have gone through it.  The pain and the ingrained hurt in the victims really hit home for me when I watched Amir Khan’s episode on Satyamev Jayate.  This short but highly creative ad film brings out that message – of

15 Feb 13 1 min read

Understanding gas, burps and colic

It’s been a while since I could jot down a drop of nostalgia from the pool of emotional upheaval I’ve been going through all these months. Soham is nine and a half months now and a lot is going on in the arena. He is having solid food,

22 Sep 10 5 min read

Teenage Daughters are tougher to handle than Sons

Being a woman is not easy.  With the cocktail of hormones during the growing up year that are bottled in that body just for the propagation of mankind, to the actual use of those hormones and then dealing with the next generation of the same gender as progeny. In my

17 Sep 10 2 min read

Life is never a "JINGA LALA"

I am not launching a long diatribe against “Indian education system “but my concern is towards many young toddlers who are going to grapple next 22 years of their life under the Diktat of their parents and their sordid attitude towards education. Parents here I am referring are mostly skeptical

08 Jul 10 4 min read

Now and again…

Soham is six and a half months old now. You must be wondering how my days and nights passed initially and what exactly I was up to for all these months. Frankly, its all a blur to me now. Every single day (and especially nights) were so unique, so challenging

06 Jul 10 2 min read

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