Life is never a "JINGA LALA"

I am not launching a long diatribe against “Indian education system “but my concern is towards many young toddlers who are going to grapple next 22 years of their life under the Diktat of their parents and their sordid attitude towards education.

Parents here I am referring are mostly skeptical about “Value Based Education”and act like poultry farmers by raising kids only expecting that they will be getting into IIT’s and feel ensconced about the so called “BRIGHTFUTURE”.I have a strong aversion for these kind of parents because they argue with vehemence that child rank is directly in proportion with their social status.

These kind of parents can be spotted from an over anticipating junta generally found near all examination centre’s as they suffer from a behavioral syndrome and constantly mock at present day youth and never hesitate in giving a long speech which contains endless Reminiscence about their days in university but it actually shows their narcissistic personality , Their gobbledegook speech starts in a deep mellifluous voice and ends Nagging his child and his friends about their performance but nobody is neither overawed nor inspired by it.

Phase 1:

As a toddler enters a kindergarten the first thing parents expect is he learns “BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP” so that they can display his talent in every family function they attend and dream about him being next participant of Sa Re Gama Pa superstar. Recently I have seen many women who in spite of being housewives joined their kids in a crèche and to my surprise their ostensible claim is that they are unable to do household chores but i spot most of them Watching fucked up cookery shows where anchor ends the shows saying ”WOOOOOW ITS AMAZING” to whatever shit which enters her mouth.

Phase 2:

Parents which I mentioned above join their child in a state board school which guarantees 100% pass percentage in 10th class with “IIT+Olympiad+NTSC” coaching for meritorious students, now meritorious students here refers to students who can photocopy the entire lesson for exam. Life until class 6  goes on carrying 14 notebooks with all textbooks in an 8.5 kg bag with Spiderman embedded on it, Now in class 6 is the time for “Meritorious Students” to sit in section-o where o stands for outstanding and are eligible for free IIT Foundation and they have to sit in school till 7 in night mugging up F=ma equation, while parents of “NON MERITORIOUS” students under defiant mood associate their child with a coaching centre available in Nallakunta where student whirls of next 4 years chewing”CenterShock “sponsored by Adarsh Book Depot for being its cheap Brand Ambassador ,but I frankly admit That these young people do far better job than Mohanlal who is a brand ambassador for KALYAN SAREES.

Most of the students try to enter into SHARMA INSTITUTE in class 8 as it is considered to be Gateway for Ramaiyya ,this is a place where there is 99% chance of getting sexually assaulted by maths teacher Sreenu.

Phase 3:

This part of life is appears to be most horrific and confusing as students get divided into 2 sects with one group getting emotionally  attached towards Nallakunta ,and People belonging to this group end up giving hope for IIT after they join Srikanth’s Physics classes and Phani khishans Maths classes.

The second sect consists of people who are Products of BASHYAM and Brilliant grammar school who prefer joining SRI CHAITANYA or NARAYANA and they continue the legacy of never watching the sunset as they are busy sleeping In the study hours, the people belonging to this group start their day by getting welcomed to the college by Junior lecturer’s in a same manner how Israeli naval commandos were treated on aid ship FLOTILLA.

Now these JL’S I referred above inherently lack crowd pleasing skills and get their ass-es spanked by ABVP and SFI activists.

The day ends for students of this group only after listening 8 hours of non productive lectures and getting molested by ticket collector of overcrowded APSRTC bus, but these people do get certain breaks by the grace of student organisations like TNSF and ABVP who creates a strike whenever their coffers are empty. These breaks give perfect time For burqa clad girls of biology stream to get their boobs squeezed in a lousy internet center of Narayanguda by their MULLAH Boyfriends who feels it’s cool to modify “HERO HONDA PASSION”by replacing its tires with red colour mag wheels and a dog sounding horn With absolutely no sense of traffic rules.

After two years of this life only few emaciated children of an over expecting parents can get ranks and crave attention by getting their photos published with a number beside them in Sakshi newspaper and TV5.

Phase 4:

This is a phase where many students get admitted into numerous colleges whose name always ends with “INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY” while my dear mullah brothers starts concentrating on growing beard and join in UL-UMMON COLLEGE or AL-AMIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY where facilities are even worse than a DRONE ATTACKED MADARASSA OF NORTH BALOCHISTAN.

Phase 5:

This is a phase where I notice many transitions like innocent looking Andhra girls start’s wearing 300 Rs worth jeans to college with jasmine flowers on their head and theseTransformed girls start messaging “EM DOING  RAA?” to the boys. While boys from rural districts of Telangana are busy using “DUUUUDE” and “PHAAACK YUUUUU” for the first time in their life eventhough “LANJAAAAA KODUKA” AND “MAAAKKADEEEE” sounds Far better.

I am in opinion that if life of the student is constrained in these phases then it will definitely result in a harbinger of doom.

Post your opinions and real life experiences in the form of comments and you can also find me at

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