Liberals in Fai’s crosshairs

While many Congressmen are in the cross-hairs of being recipients of money from Ghulam Nabi Fai, the front man for ISI in Washington DC; many Indian liberals are also in the list of the beneficiaries who received hospitality of these guys.  As Gurumurthy lists out, here are some of the people:

1. Justice Rajinder Sachar, author of the famous Sachar Committee Repor;
2. Dileep Padgaonkar, one of the three interlocutors on J&K appointed by the central government
3. Harish Khare, the media adviser to the prime minister;
4. Rita Manchanda, the India/Pakistan Local Partner for Women Waging Peace; Ved Bhasin, editor, Kashmir Times;
5. Harinder Baweja, editor (investigations), Headlines Today;
6 .Gautam Navlakha and Kamal Chenoy, human rights activists
7. Praful Bidwai, well-known columnist.

As S. Gurumurthy says in his article in ExpressBuzz, there could be a case against these people in India as well:

Under the Indian law, the case against the Indian liberals in Fai’s list may well be one of sedition if they had known who Fai was, or if they had not, they could be well just his “useful idiots” as a former editor, R Jaganathan, wrote in his brilliant column in

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