Government forcibly acquires village land to lease to Rajiv Gandhi Trust for peanuts

Villagers from Ullahawas village in Gurgaon are moving the Punjab and Haryana High Court.  The Government has taken their land – 5 acres and leased it out to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust.  The entire village has collected Rs 1 lakh to fight against the Government action.

Even the High Court pulled up the Haryana Government for acquiring the land to develop Sectors 58 to 63, while the villagers feel cheated at the low lease amount that is being offered to them by forcibly acquiring the land.  The Trust, a registered, non-profit institution, was set up by his wife Mrs Sonia Gandhi and their children, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra.

It is pretty obvious why it is happening.  Looting from the common man is not even a secret venture these days.  Its out in open and done with a certain degree of nonchalance.

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