Hitler, Frankenstein, Billykid, Carter, and Kennedy running for State Elections in Meghalaya in India!

As if the elections in India aren’t already enough of a joke, the candidates in Meghalayas State polls have taken on interesting names this year.  Here are some of them:

  • Frankenstein Momin,
  • Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak
  • Billykid Sangma,
  • Field Marshal Mawphniang,
  • Romeo Rani
  • Kenedy Marak,
  • Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem
  • Jhim Carter Sangma

So we have every type of joker in the fray – from Adolf Hitler to Frankenstein to even Carter (Jhim Carter albeit!).

When asked about his unusual name he clarifies:

“I am aware at one point of time Adolf Hitler was the most hated person on Earth for the genocide of the Jews. But my father added ‘Lu’ in between, naming me Adolf Lu Hitler, and that’s why I am different,” Hitler told Associated Press from the small village of Mansingre, 200 kilometers (125 miles) west of Guwahati.

The guy has travelled to US and even to Germany and has had no problems because after all, he had no role to play in his naming him the way it is.


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