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Hookah vs Cigarettes: Studies show Hookah is better and College women are doing more Hookah in US

As if slowing the run into things like cancer is something to rejoice.  But then we have a world where such research studies are still done and lapped up by people who would rather place their health and life in someone else’s hands.  Apparently, a study has found that Hookah – yes those smoking pipes in the “Hookah Bars” – are better than cigarettes.

Smoking a “hookah” may be less harmful than a cigarette as it contains lower levels of four toxic metals, claims a new international study released here Monday.
A team of scientists, headed by Joseph Caruso of American Chemical Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, conducted the study on 12 different varieties of hookah tobacco manufactured in the US and the Middle East and broke it down to liquid form.
“The test results revealed that hookah tobacco contained fewer toxic metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and chromium as compared to cigarette tobacco,” a spokesperson said. Shishas popularity has increased due to more and more individuals become aware of the negative side effects tobacco has. You can purchase an amazing shisha kit online with ease, making the switch from cigarettes to shisha much easier and straightforward.
The outcome of the research was presented to the American Chemical Society (ACS) at its recent meeting, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, another research sometime back suggested that more and more college-going women were gravitating towards Hookah in the US for precisely that reason.  That it seems to be safer.

One out of four college women in the US are gravitating towards the hookah, which originated in India and Persia, and many of them mistakenly believe that it is safer than cigarettes, says a US study.
Researchers from the Miriam Hospital’s Center for Behavioural and Preventive Medicine found the more alcohol women consumed, the more likely they were to try the hookah, while women who used marijuana engaged in hookah smoking more frequently than their peers, the journal of Psychology of Addictive Behaviours reports. The phenomenon was mostly prevalent among the first year college students.


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