How a being blossoms the Isha way

Sometimes one does not fully understand the import of things that Sadhguru says until you see it in a radical way.  He keeps emphasizing upon the ability of the Isha practices and ways to make a person “lighter” and “Happier”.  Given the rigmarole that most of us go through in life, it is rather hard to see it in yourself very clearly.

Yesterday, I met with this meditator.  Saw her after almost a year.  In those months she has been to the Ashram in India (near Coimbatore).  She was going through the teacher’s training, which she hasn’t fully completed.  But she was put through the ordeal of that course.  At least, partially.

Just with that experience, she is a completely different person!  Earlier, her presence was that of an Atlas, with the burdens of the world on her shoulders.  It was difficult to see a full smile on her face.  Her voice was slow, deliberate and very restrained.  You could see that she was a person with a “lot going on in her life”.  She didn’t have to say it.  She carried it around.  In fact, I had never seen her smile fully.

But yesterday it was different!  Her presence was so light and joyful.  She was discussing about her issues in life far more openly than before, but in a different way.  As if, she was talking about someone else!  She seemed to have distanced herself from her issues.  And smile… well, yesterday, it was tough to see a moment that she wasn’t smiling!  At everything.

Can some experience or being in consecrated space change you?  Heck yes!  I have been at Mahima (consecrated hall in Tennessee) for 2-3 days, and I came back with so much energy, that I didn’t need to sleep for 2 days.  And, this lady was in the actual place in Coimbatore!  As well as spent so much time with the people from there.  And, that is an important thing.  I have met very nice people in my life and am often surrounded with great friends.  But, honestly and without trying to lower the important or presence of those lovely people, I can say that I am the happiest in the company of Isha people.  Not because we “believe” in something (we don’t).. or have the “same Guru”.. but because they are wonderful people.  Those from the Ashram are just even more amazing.  They make you fall in love with humanity all over again.

Sadhguru often says “Its not about being Superhuman, but realizing that being human is super!”; one can fully comprehend the import of this statement when one meets the people from the Ashram.  Every moment you keep marveling at their energy, commitment and love.  You may tire and get bogged down.  You may look at the impossibility of the task, or get worked up – even angry – at the odds against you.. but they just wont.  They keep on working against odds, against some truly difficult timelimes, logistics and even people.  And yet, their goal is not that the task should be done.  But the EXPERIENCE of the whole thing for all those around them.

Work is not just done with perfection, but with aesthetics.  If the stage has to be made for an event.  It won’t just be done in time and with efficiency, but when you take a picture, you will feel as if it was a postcard!  A simple jute cloth will become an artist’s delight with earthy hues and drapes.

Life is beautiful and simple.  To present life the way it is, is what blossoms forth in anyone who gets touched by what Isha is… what Sadhguru is.  He is life, in its simplicity and aesthetic beauty.

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