How the Central Government and UP State Government HELPED terrorists bomb A'bad, Jaipur, and Delhi!

Given what is clearly and easily available to a guy sitting 10,000 miles away from India, I am amazed that there is NO discussion or outrage of substance going on in India – EVEN amongst the educated! If this is how we are going to accept our “fate” and rejoice our ignorance – then we might as well start writing obituaries for our kids as well! Any one wants to volunteer?

I had talked of the pusillanimity of the Indian government authorities in dealing with terrorism.  Now, there is proof that indeed Indian state governments are ACTUALLY helping the terrorists and helping them remain active due to a consistent appeasement policy!

There is now evidence that the UP authorities had clearly obstructed the arrests of three SIMI terrorists who are now emerging as the central players in the serial bombing in Delhi.

These three had ALREADY been identified by two other top terrorists leaders held in UP earlier this month.  (Remember, that Modi had given specific intelligence to the PM and his Home Minister/National Security Adviser duo on Delhi to be the next target in Operation BAD).

These three men had been identified by Shahbaz Hussain and Abul Bashar Qasmi (the same guy, who is being now touted as an “innocent” by the pseudo-secular brigade)!  In fact, NDTV actually had a news article “Not enough evidence against SIMI?” – where it gave quotes from people who thought that Qasmi was even innocent!

This kind of masochism just sickens one who can clearly see a motive to hit India from inside and through its own “intellectuals”!

Both Qasmi and Husain told their interrogators that the three Azamgarh men had met with Abdul Subhan Qureshi, a top Mumbai-based SIMI operative, who is thought to have taught dozens of Indian Mujahideen operatives their bomb-making skills and authored the organisation’s e-mail manifestos. Qureshi, they said, had visited Azamgarh at least twice in August, soon after the Ahmedabad bombings, to discuss future attacks. New Delhi was chosen as a target during these meetings.

This is how specific the intelligence input had gotten to!!  And in the two weeks or so of having this kind of intelligence, the Government kept sitting and doing nothing!

Why?  because of the ABSOLUTE appeasement policy and complete pussies we have in our government machinery!  Here is the reason why?

Evidence on the central role of SIMI’s Uttar Pradesh networks in the Indian Mujahideen’s operations began to emerge in the course of the investigation into the December 2007 synchronised bombing of trial court buildings at Lucknow, Faizabad and Varanasi. Police learned that Jaunpur-based Mohammad Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Kazmi, using explosives provided by Jammu and Kashmir Harkat ul-Jihad-e-Islami commander Bashir Mir, had coordinated the trial court bombings.
Mujahid and Kazmi were held, but their arrests provoked widespread protests by local Muslims who claimed the two men were innocent. As a result of the protests, Uttar Pradesh authorities ordered police to ease back on operations targeting SIMI. Among those who thus escaped arrest was Qasmi, an Azamgarh-based seminary student-turned-SIMI-activist, who the Gujarat Police alleges was the central figure in the July 27 serial bombings in Ahmedabad.

If Qasmi had NOT escaped arrest in December last year, and the police had ACTED then maybe what happened in Ahmedabad and Jaipur would NOT have happened!

There are some really HARD questions that the UP Government of Mayawati, the Central Government – specifically the PM and Home Minister need to answer!

It is NOT enough now to keep on bashing the BJP and pointing at Modi for the mess and using his name as a pretext to claim the innocence of the terrorists that Gujarat Government has named and pursuing.. THE ONLY CASE to have been “solved” in last 6 years!  It is time that PM and Mayawati are brought out to answer WHY was the entire machinery conniving with the terrorists!

Husain’s name figured in the interrogation of SIMI chief Safdar Nagori, who was arrested from a safehouse in Indore at the end of March. Nagori identified Husain, who he referred to by the nickname ‘Shaanu,’ as the ranking head of the group’s military operations. He told police that Qureshi had trained dozens of Indian Mujahideen operatives on Husain’s orders.
Uttar Pradesh police determined that Husain was indeed a SIMI member, who was recruited into the organisation while he was a student of the Indian Institute of Mass Communications in New Delhi. Before SIMI’s proscription in 2001, police found, he briefly edited one of its English-language magazines, Islamic Movement.
Interestingly, bomb-maker Qureshi worked at the Delhi offices of SIMI during this time, after resigning a position at the Mumbai-based computer firm Datamatics. However, Uttar Pradesh authorities again held back on making an arrest, arguing that the evidence available was inadequate to justify holding a prominent member of the community.
Rajasthan Police investigators, however, were able to obtain an arrest warrant after several suspects held in Gujarat — including top local SIMI organiser Sajid Mansoori — correctly identified photographs of Husain, who they described as their ranking commander.

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