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How Chinese Communist Party dressed as Tibetans started the recent riots!

Here is another video where the British intelligence in Beijing has confirmed that Beijing used Chinese party officials dressed as Tibetan Monks to start riot that killed several Tibetans ultimately – just to discredit the Tibetans’ movement.

The G2 Bulletin has just published an important update on the situation in Tibet. Britain’s GCHQ monitors half the world from space. They have confirmed the Dalai Lama’s claim that CCP agents are posed as monks, and triggered riots that have left hundreds of Tibetans dead or injured.  GCHQ analysts believe the Beijing leadership is behind the large riots as a way to provide an excuse to stamp out the simmering unrest in the region.  The same has been confirmed by British intelligence officers in Beijing.  Satellites orbiting the earth closely monitored the situation.  The images they downloaded from the satellites provided confirmation the CCP used agent provocateurs to start riots.