How did Satyan Gajwani become Times Internet CEO at just 27? (And his reply!)

Satyan Gajwani, CEO Times Internet

In this day and age of celebrity egos and anger, it is interesting to come across someone who is comfortable being what he is and trying to make sure his work is worth something.

In Quora today, I came across an interesting question on Satyan Gajwani, the CEO of Times Internet.

How did Satyan Gajwani become Times Internet CEO at just 27?

The question is obviously pointing to a certain answer, which could be an embarrassment to Satyan.  Well, I was sure whatever the answer may be, this guy is set to be roasted in public.  So, I check out the “Best Answer”.  And, it is given by Satyan Gajwani himself!

Yep, this is true. I am married to Trishla Jain, daughter of Samir Jain. And I’m 100% sure that has had a significant impact as to why I’m CEO of Times Internet today.
That being said, I would expect that I’ll be measured more by what Times Internet is able to accomplish over the next few years, rather than where I am today. The Times management team has given me a lot of room and trust to make Times Internet a world-class digital company, and that’s my single-focus goal. With the support of an incredible team, I’m confident we’ll get there.
PS: Really, there’s no need to write all of this anonymously; most people are just pointing out an honest fact.

Interesting guy… huh!  Has the humility and humor to look at himself for where he is and where he is headed.

As if one didn’t realize already, someone who knows the dude (“Anon User”, this time), chips in:

Yes, Satyan Gajwani married Trishla Jain and as we all already know, money begets money.
However, having interacted with Satyan closely for close to a year now, I think he deserves the post. He’s one of the sharpest brains I’ve interacted with and I love the way he pushes his team (very gently, but forcefully) and gets them to do what he wants.
In a totally Indian surrounding, he remains an American at heart – no ego, can take no for an answer as long as you can justify your point of view, on time for every meeting and really puts his heart and soul in what he does. He certainly is one of the few people in Corporate India currently that I respect a lot!
P.S: I don’t and have never worked for the Times Group.

Although I don’t particularly like any of the Indian websites, particularly those in the Times stable – because the pop ups, the messy design and too much clutter AND the auto-start loud Video ads (going to TOI in office is a STRICT NO for me!! – so get your basic act together dude!) puts you off!  As I have said earlier, I believe Indian media websites have to learn a lot from even Pakistani web media.  They are so much better and won’t mess you up.  My own evaluation of Satyan’s web media smarts notwithstanding, I like his way of handling himself in public. 🙂

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