How India ignored WHO and averted a major COVID-19 crisis

How India ignored WHO and averted a major  COVID-19 crisis

In dealing with Coronavirus, the countries, which kept WHO at arm’s length like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and India, have been more successful. Because WHO came out to be a Chinese puppet and its complicit role in Coronavirus spread has taken more lives than the organization saved in its entire existence.

In dealing with the pandemic, India has focused on domestic capabilities like the expertise of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) rather than toeing the WHO line. This is in sharp contrast with earlier times when WHO used to play a major role, in fact, it used to virtually run the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In India’s fight against TB or in immunization program, the international organization played a critical role.

However, Modi government trusted domestic experts and this strategy has been quite successful, and given the fact that WHO has been critically incompetent in dealing with Coronavirus; trusting the domestic experts is possibly the best thing Modi government has done.

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