How Microsoft lost $18 billion!

Last updated on Sep 14, 2007

Posted on Sep 14, 2007

There are times when an organization or person just cannot get it wrong!  And then there are times when the same person just cannot get it right!  Microsoft and Bill Gates is one such example!  Until the 1990’s whatever Gates and MSFT touched became gold!  What happened afterwards is quite another matter!


August 1999

, Microsoft bought $150 million worth of Apple stock when the price was $5.43 a share.  Now the price is $122.06.  So, if they had held, the potential gain would have been? $18.1 billion!  That is quite an amount even for the world’s richest guy!

But guess what?  Microsoft sold the stock in


at a princely gain of 7% or $10 million!  I am sure this amount was invested back into Microsoft stock which has stood still all these years!

Sources: Barnako . Insidemicrosoft

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