How Misbah misjudged a Mallu and Pak lost the finals to India!!

Last updated on Oct 1, 2007

Posted on Oct 1, 2007

This is the final shot of the just concluded Twenty20 cricket tournament, which India won!

Here Misbah Haq very innovatively indeed goes all the way to the off-stump and then lifts the ball behind his back to obviously score a six or a four.  He connects real nicely as well!  Under any circumstances this would have been a great shot.  But unfortunately for the Pakis, this Indian team had a Mallu!!  And none of the Pakis know the speciality of the Mallus. "There is a Mallu in every corner of the world!" (specially in places where no one is).  So, when Misbah thought he was safe hitting it off in that place way back "God-foresaken" place.  Guess what? A Mallu (Sreesanth) was standing there having a great time.  Now, Mallus do not let things just fly past them.. do they?  They catch on to every thing worth a few bucks stick nice and well.  So, that is what happened here!

Moral of the story:

Get acquainted with the opposition team members special talents before you jump around playing impossible shots in any "corners". (that’s where our Mallus get you!)

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