How Modi Government is Beating Naxals and Left Wing Terrorists

How Modi Government is Beating Naxals and Left Wing Terrorists

Modi Government is putting the squeeze on the Naxals these days.  A multi-disciplinary group has been created to fight the Naxal terrorism.  The group is headed by Additional Secretary and has people from

How Modi Government is Beating Naxals and Left Wing Terrorists @narendramodi #KarnatakaElections2018 Click To Tweet

  • Intelligence Bureau,
  • Enforcement Directorate,
  • Directorate of Revenue Intelligence,
  • NIA (National Intelligence Agency)
  • CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes)
  • CBI
  • State Intelligence Departments
  • CID

A new vertical has also been created within the NIA to work on the Left Wing Extremism (LWE) cases.

It is important to choke the funds of the Naxals because their cadres kill and spread anarchy while their leaders live a privileged life.  Recently one member of Bihar-Jharkhand special area committee of the CPI (Maoists) – Pradyuman Sharma – had paid Rs 2.2 million for admitting his niece in a private medical college.  Another leader Sandeep Yadav, has a son in private engineering college while his daughter is in another private institute.  He is also known to have exchanged Rs 1.5 mn during demonetization.  Yet another leader – Arvind Yadav – paid Rs 1.2 mn for his brother in a private engineering college.

So how do they steal and collect money?

According to officials, the LWE movement in the country is financed through a large network of dubious activities, which include illegal levy collected from private contractors including those involved in execution of government works and schemes, mining contractors, transporters and owners of small and medium industries.
Similarly, funds are said to be garnered through collections from illegal stone crushing and distribution of Naxal ideology papers.

The enforcement directorate have already registered cases against Naxal leaders Pradyuman Sharma, Sandeep Yadav, Arvind Yadav, and others and seized properties worth crores and cash to the tune of Rs. 2.45 crores!

Source (Economic Times)

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