How a Muslim Doctor became an Islamic Terrorist and Bombed Hundreds in Mumbai!!

This bastard studied in India, lived there in Mumbai, amongst other citizens and still wanted to kill the people there. His own neighbors! How does an ordinary citizen become Jehadis? Simply by coming in touch? What does this “touch” do? Seemingly re-inforces what is said in Quran in a way that promotes hatred…. blind hatred!!

The more important question that troubles my mind is – how do you differentiate between an Ansari who is a “peaceful Indian Citizen” and one who is a “hidden sleeper cell terrorist posing as a peaceful Indian Citizen”?? Can anyone answer this basic question for me please??? On this very basic but simple question, depends the future of peace in this world!!

Another question, this guy was a son, a father, a brother, a friend and a relative as well as an acquaintance! I cannot fathom that none of them knew what he was upto! What were they all doing, btw??? Why did none of them stop or report him? And if they didnt, then the very fact that their quiet was instrumental in killings of hundreds does in a large way make them as much of killers as this guy, Ansari! Shouldn’t they be tried as well and hanged??

Ansari, a Unani medicine practitioner at a local hospital in Central Mumbai, had allegedly undergone training in weapons handling and explosives at the LeT camps at Bahawalpur in Pakistan and Muzaffarabad in Pak-occupied Kashmir in 2004, police said.
“Thirty three-year-old Ansari is an ideologue and motivator for LeT members in Mumbai and adjoining areas,” a senior official of the Anti Terrorist Squad told PTI in Mumbai on Monday.
Since his return to Mumbai from Pakistan in early 2005, Ansari has been dormant and resumed his job as a resident medical officer at Sabu Siddiqui Hospital in central Mumbai, the officer said.
But in the past few months, a top LeT leader had been pursuing Ansari to ‘do something’ in Mumbai, the official said, quoting intelligence inputs. He will now be interrogated to find out his role in the serial blasts, the officer said.
A graduate from Nagpur, Ansari visited Tehran in 2004 on the pretext of some personal work. From Tehran he allegedly moved to Bahawalpur in Pakistan by road and attended a LeT camp in operating AK-47 rifles, stengun, grenade launchers and even stinger missiles, sources said.
ATS sources said Ansari was an example of how LeT sleeper cells exist in Mumbai and other parts of the country, who are equipped to execute terror acts while they get the right opportunity.
Police said that information about Ansari came out during the search for a Kashmir-based LeT operative, who had allegedly visited Mumbai some days before the serial train blasts. Ansari was detained last week by Mumbai crime branch and interrogated for five days, before he was handed over to ATS on Sunday night and placed under arrest.
“He is inspired by Jehad, and evidence shows that he was in constant touch with a senior LeT leader abroad. This leader was continuously prodding Ansari to do something in Mumbai,” sources said, adding that they had vital information about more members of the LeT sleeper cells in Mumbai and nearby areas and some of them are likely to be arrested soon.

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