How Pakistan Openly Lies and Betrays the World, while it is all too eager to be made fool of!

How Pakistan Openly Lies and Betrays the World, while it is all too eager to be made fool of!

The problem with Pakistan and its obsession is not that the establishment is pathological liar and tries to deceive everyone at every point on every thing.  The problem is that it has no one objecting or challenging the obvious lies, betrayals and deceptions.

There are very few in the international media and indeed the world who openly and overtly push back even to the obvious lies when you check back to back interviews from the same administration.  Sometimes the contradictions shout out hoarse within the same interview, and yet the interviewers do not seem to want to push those buttons.

“Those who plead their cause in the absence of an opponent can invent to their heart’s content, can pontificate without taking into account the opposite point of view and keep the best arguments for themselves, for aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defence.” ― Christine de Pizan, Der Sendbrief vom Liebesgott / The Letter of the God of Love

Let us take a look.

Jaish-e-Mohammad was Present (and Talking) in Pakistan until it just… Wasn’t

These are three interviews below – within a span of less than a week – to BBC and two to CNN (different reporters).  In one (to BBC), the Pakistan Foreign Minister blurts out (without thinking) that his government has had discussions with the Jaish leadership.  In the second, the same foreign minister tell Christian Amanpour of CNN, that yes, Jaish and its leader Masood Azhar is there in Pakistan but Azhar is very unwell.  As if that matters or should make us feeling teary eyed about a guy who has executed killings of several thousands?!  But this was quickly turned around in the third interview of the Director General, ISPR (the PR group of Pakistan’s much hated Intelligence organization, ISI) while talking to CNN’s Nic Robertson, say emphatically that Jaish is not even present in Pakistan!

In this interview with the BBC, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says in a moment of lapse “Leadership (Jaish-e-Mohammad’s) was contacted and they said no (they did not take responsibility)…” and then he kept floundering on that (~ 2.30)

Quite obviously the Pakistani government and the Jaish-e-Mohammad leadership (which is Masood Azhar) were in touch and contact on what happened in Pulwama and thereafter.

Now in this interview with Christian Amanpour of CNN, the same Qureshi says that Masood Azhar is in Pakistan, but “he is very unwell” (watch from 5:30 onwards)

It was a very clear that Masood Azhar and therefore, Jaish-e-Mohammad was in Pakistan and they wanted to take action against their cadres.  And, this is the Pakistani Foreign Minister who said in an earlier interview of how they were in touch.

Now let us go to another CNN interview with Nic Robertson that the Pakistan Army/ISI Director General of ISPR (communications wing) had.  Here he says now that there is no presence of Jaish-e-Mohammad.

So pray explain to the world, Pakistan, if you sometimes admit and sometimes do not to the presence of the “proscribed” terror organization within Pakistan, what action will you take?

Now, go back and listen to the face of Pakistan to the world – their foreign minister and listen to what he says and how seemingly earnestly he talks about what they (let us parse that out too) will do with Jaish-e-Mohammad.  Now, when he says “they” – he means the Army.  Army will fight, arrest and deal with the proscribed organization.

But what does the Army do?

Their main spokesperson says – Jaish is not even there in his country.  So, basically he is arguing that its – case closed – thank you very much! Duh!!!

If this is how Nic Robertson had to handle a cheat and a liar on international TV, he may as well have just sent the guy some questions in an email and recorded him speaking!  What was Robertson’s value and contribution as a journalist, if he cannot even push back on the absolutely obvious questions?  Seriously, Nic Robertson of CNN just simply shows the curiosity and information of less than a 3 year old.

Let me ask this a different way – How many times should Pakistan deceive the whole world on every single thing before the media starts telling their establishment on their face that they are lying and also why it is clear they are lying. If they can call out the lying done by Donald Trump, why not Shah Mehmood Qureshi?

Pakistan Terror Deception movie has played many times

Let us go back to another time – 2002.  Pervez Musharraf was explaining how his Government’s fight against the terrorists in Pakistan was in “their national interest”.  And why the world should believe as to why his government was against extremism and terrorism.

On 5th of June, on the occasion of the Seerat Conference, I addressed Ulema belonging to all Schools of thought and spoke firmly to them against religious extremism. On the 14th of August 2001, we finally took a very important decision to ban Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Muhammad and placed Sipah-e-Sahaba and TJP (Tehrik-e-Jafria Pakistan) under observation. In addition, on a number of occasions, I called Ulema and Mashaikh and held extensive consultations with them.
The objective was to take them on board in our campaign against terrorism and extremism. These measures have been continuing since our government assumed office in 1999. I am explaining all this to you in great detail only because of the fact that the campaign against extremism undertaken by us from the very beginning is in our own national interest. We are not doing this under advice or pressure from anyone.

Do you see how earnest Musharraf seems in this article/speech that New York Times ran in its editorial?  Now let us listen to him describe those times in an interview done much later.

In this video he says that the Jehadis like Al Zawahiri, Osama, Mullah Omar, Hafeez Saeed, Masood Azhar etc were their heroes.  And, Pakistan armed and backed LeT and JeM and HuM to create terror in India.  Very matter of fact.  And then for good measure – in an amazing display of double speak he first says that these “mujahids” in the changed world are now being called terrorists and have turned against Pakistan as well so “we should act against them”.  So, the anchor asks “Then we should arrest Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi?”  To that he says “No Comment”.  He – like everyone in Pakistani establishment – wants to play both the sides!

Say that “we should act against terrorists because they are hurting Pakistan” but when you ask them “ok, then arrest and deport Hafiz Saeed since he is a world proscribed terrorist” – then they want proof and obfuscate the discussion like crazy.  They want to keep the terrorist and give a show of fighting them.

Therefore – let us look at this again – if Pakistan was fighting and killing the terrorists, which it was using against India and Musharraf – the “vanquisher of terrorists” in the eyes of Western world after 9-11 when he made that speech – was calling them his heroes; who was fooling whom?

At this level of betrayal, its not betrayal anymore.  It is self delusion on part of the one who is fooled.  Someone can only fool you so much, if you are utterly eager to be fooled!  In fact, you almost knock down his door pleading to make a mockery of you globally!  That is how the West has behaved.

And, now comes this interview which is from last week, where he clearly says that we used the terrorists against India.

If anyone had any doubts as to what Pakistan thinks and what it does and the chasm between the two, these two interviews of Musharraf should make it amply clear.

As for self delusional pusillanimity of Western journalists – the interviews of Christian Amanpour and NIc Robertson can serve as a great example.  Apart from being classics of shoddy journalism.

Believing Pakistan on Anything is not just Foolish, but Suicidal

Anyone who says that “talks with Pakistan” can solve any issue are not just suicidal in nature but are firmly against India’s national security.

Because no one in their right mind can ever promote a path of self delusional paved on persistent and ruthless violence against one’s own self.  How can you allow a violent psychopath to walk you on a road talking sweet rubbish while he keeps breaking one bone after another with a hammer and poking a knife for as many cuts as he can make on your body?  If you are the body’s brain you are obviously suicidal but you are also dangerous for every other organ of the body!

That is what the peaceniks are in terms of India’s dealing with Pakistan.

Pakistan can be and will be tamed, broken down and quietened.  But before that he needs to be broken down and humiliated so badly that he does not exist as a country anymore.

It is time to end the collective hallucination and delusion that the Pakistani proxies in India want to float in India.

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