How Pakistan PM Imran Khan Personally Oversaw Making of Abhinandan’s Propanganda Video

How Pakistan PM Imran Khan Personally Oversaw Making of Abhinandan’s Propanganda Video

The Imran Khan fan boys and girls in Indian media should pause for a moment.  Their so-called peace god is really a depraved cheat. At best.  Really speaking he is an out and out Jehadi sick mind who can fall to any level to do the dirty work that Pakistanis are so known to do.

The video that was made of Wing Commander Abhinandan before he was released – and for which he was made to stay longer – was made with grave threat to his being while in custody of the ISI and the whole recording was personally overseen by none other than Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Before Wing Commander Abhinandan could reach Lahore from Islamabad, Imran Khan had already reached there and started his work of coordinating everything.

TimesNow is also saying that their video editors who create videos and edit them for a living, are saying that not only is the video heavily edited but there are places where Abhinandan is not saying anything or saying something else – and those areas have been dubbed over by another voice of a different tonality.  This voice is used to say things that are aligned to the propaganda of Pakistan!!

What is absolutely shocking is that Imran Khan personally escorted Wing Commander Abhinandan to an ISI facility.

Imran Khan and ISI wanted the release of Wing Commander to be a big entertainment show.  And that whole show was the brain-child of Imran Khan himself.

Worse, General GD Bakshi shares a few disturbing things:

  • that the Wing Commander was in all probability (given his manner of walking) administered barbiturates to make him say what the Pakistanis wanted him to say while making of the video
  • Pakistanis designated Abhinandan as a Prisoner of War

And, one of the reasons why the Pakistanis delayed his release – apart from making the video and releasing it on Pakistani TV in gross violation of the Geneva Convention – was to see that the effects of the drugs wore off.

Designating him as a “Prisoner of War” suggests that Pakistanis have declared this as a war.  So much for the “peace gesture” of their Jehadi PM.

The Wing Commander was made to say things under extreme duress which he would have never said.

The fact that the Pakistanis were forced to drug him, edit the video and dub parts in another voice to get the desired result, suggested that they could not make him say things they wanted him to say despite the drugs, threats and duress!

That says a lot about Wing Commander Abhinandan.  And also a lot about the Pakistani PM Imran Khan as well!  The Pakistan PM Imran Khan now stands as a devious small-minded scheming jehadi, who only deserves to be humiliated and defeated in his designs!

PS: You will also see two foul-mouthed ISI sympathizers amongst the “Indian” guests who were thrown out of the panel because one, was derogatory to General GD Bakshi and exposed himself as a foul-mouthed low IQ bully and second went on a rant against Indian PM Modi before being booted out!

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