How to save Acceptance and Inclusivity in Societies?

Last updated on Apr 8, 2010

Posted on Apr 8, 2010

In this day and age its important to see the societies the way they are. There are ONLY two types of societies: Inclusive and Exclusive.

Exclusive socities and ideologies say “I am X, you are Y, and so you are my enemy.”

Inclusive ones say “I am X, I don’t care who you are, but you are one of mine”.

Obviously, the latter are desirable and progress most. However, to create such societies AND sustain them is not easy. Acceptance is HECK of a lot tougher than hitting others.

But even tougher than Acceptance is to defend a structure which makes Acceptance possible itself – specially when you are face-to-face with an Exclusive-oriented society. How do you save yourself from having your Inclusive fabric torn by introduction and propagation of Exclusve mindset when your nature is inclusivity while the element you are now accepting is inherently Exclusive?

That is NOT a rhetoric question! That goes to the HEART of Indian Civilization as a whole – and a society that gives you the FREEDOM to say what you say.

Jerusalem saw 3 major religions. They are at each other’s necks for centuries.

In India, Buddha and Nanak challenged the Pandits like never before. The inherent lines of argument were hit upon directly and ruthlessly. There was every reason that what happened to Abrahamic faiths should have happened to a factor of several times in India. But it did not.

That it did not happen is easy to see. WHY it did not happen is critical to know!

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