How Secularist Lobby is Backing Cheat, Rapist and Criminal Kafeel Khan After his Bail

How Secularist Lobby is Backing Cheat, Rapist and Criminal Kafeel Khan After his Bail

When Pakistani foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, visited India in July 2011, and met India’s foreign minister SM Krishna, a doctor in Gorakhpur had a special advise for the Indian foreign minister.  He wanted his esteemed foreign minister to peruse Viagra in order to “fuck his beautiful fuckin pakistani counterpart”.  This Doctor was Dr. Kafeel Khan, former pediatrician from the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur – until he was arrested for being responsible for deaths of 72 infants in August 2017.  He is now out on bail.

How Secularist Lobby is Backing Cheat, Rapist and Criminal Kafeel Khan After his Bail @sanjukta @ravishndtv Click To Tweet

But this is not the only time he has been in jail.  You see he was earlier arrested and in jail for one year for rape.  It turns out that Dr. Kafeel Khan, the doctor from BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur has had a rather strange obsession with molesting women.

Kafeel Khan Tweet2

Obsessed with women and their sexuality, Dr. Kafeel Khan also had an interesting observation on the “characters” who should have won awards alongwith Vidya Balan, the lead actress from the movie “Dirty Picture”.

Kafeel Khan Tweet1

This Kafeel Khan lured a Muslim nurse to his clinic/nursing home on March 15, 2015 with the promise of giving her a job.  When she came, Kafeel Khan and his brother, Kasif Jameel raped the woman.

kafeel khan rape cutting

The case was filed in the court on April 19, 2015 under the petition 17534/15, but nothing ever happened on that despite the fact that High Court wanted action within 3 months.  What is extremely interesting is that when the FIR was filed on April 3, 2015; the police officer on duty without any investigation, decided that the complaint was not true.

Is it because of his political connections and how he has been currying favor with the Samajwadi Party and Congress Party leaders for a long time?

Kafeel Khan Tweet3

Just a few months before the tragedy, before the elections in UP, he was offering advice to Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi on how they should do the drama of coming to the Encephalitis ward to boost their image.  This is the guy who had – despite his crimes – been hired into an important hospital in Gorakhpur, the area with high Encephalitis disease as the pediatrician.

Any wonder why and how?

Kafeel Khan the Cheat

He is a man who has done a lot of questionable things – including impersonation while sitting in the post graduate medical exam for another person (obviously for money).   He was arrested for this crime in 2009 as well.

Kafeel Khan PG Impersonation case

For these acts of impersonation, Kafeel used to get paid anything from Rs 1.5 to 3 lakhs.

“Kafeel and Sangeeta were paid anything between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh to impersonate in the exam,” the officer added.

This act of sitting for someone else came with a guarantee that the person who bought these “services” will pass the exam.  Those who were not confident of their knowledge used these people.

Secularist Vultures Swing into Action After Bail

As is the case with the Secularist lobby in media and the Muslims – when a Muslim is involved – have swung into action since Kafeel Khan has been granted the bail.

The most incredible rabid and fanatic is the NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar.  He tweeted an article from a propaganda website – Mediavigil – of suspect ownership and authorship, where the letter written by the Cheat and Rapist Kafeel Khan has been translated into English.  Based on this letter written by Kafeel Khan, Ravish – without any evidence of whether Khan’s account is true or not – retweets to ostensibly show that arrest of Kafeel Khan was because UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was “angry and mad” at the cheat doctor.  Why?  Because the cheat doctor was trying to “shine” by showing how he procured the oxygen cylinders.  And so, as the flimsy story not even worthy of a 3rd graders gossip session goes – Yogi Adityanath vowed a payback against Khan.  Strange, isn’t it?

Ravish Kumar-Kafeel Khan

It would be laughable and Ravish Kumar just a conspiracy theory 3rd rate tabloid editor if we didn’t have the tweets from the doctor from earlier that year, which paint a whole different picture of the “account” by the cheat doctor.

KafeelKhan Tweet4

Apparently, it was not Yogi Adityanath who wanted to throw Kafeel Khan out, but rather Khan who was tweeting how he wanted to throw Yogi Adityanath out of UP!

Another specimen is Sanjukta Basu.  She laments the march for proper investigation – as opposed to a witch-hunt – into the rape cases in Kathua and Unnao; overshadowed the the fact that Kafeel Khan was in jail.  The cheat and ironically, a rapist, was in jail because of having played a criminal role in the deaths of 72 infants – was more important to this woman.   One would find rather interesting to know what Kafeel Khan thinks of Basu’s bra or how she should be fucked by someone? To use Khan’s obvious and public sexual obsessions!!   Women secularists these days are decidedly the most anti-women that one can find anywhere, given how they endorse serial woman-abusers so openly and unabashedly!

Sanjukta on Kafeel

This mindless defense of the murderer, cheat, and rapist Kafeel Khan is only based on ideological basis and has no basis in reality or facts.  This party was joined by another Modi-hater, Sanjiv Bhatt, who acted as Congress’ hit-man against Modi but was found making up stories about something that he never even witnessed!

Sanjiv bhatt on kafeel

Of course, there are enough Muslim handles which are backing Kafeel Khan for the simple fact that he is a Muslim and has been a BJP hater.

Muslim handles backing Kafeel

You see in the murky, dark, and hypocritical world of Indian Secularist holier-than-thou activism, only religious quarterbacking and anti-Modism is the key differentiator.  As long as you are a Muslim or a Christian, you have complete impunity to commit any crime and you can be assured of an Army of backers.  Irrespective of whether you are a cheat, rapist or murderer.

Justice, facts, law and order and safety of the Indian citizens be damned!!  So, way to go Kafeel Khan!  You ticked all the boxes for backing from this sordid and dark army of ideological fanatics.

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