How Tiger Hill was won in Kargil War by Indian forces in words of the Grenadier himself

Some battles are such that winning them is almost impossible.  It is then that super heroes come up.  Yogender Singh Yadav of 18 Grenadiers did what was impossible.  Here is the story of how the 18 Grenadiers won the Tiger Hill.  The attached video has the story in detail in the voice of Grenadier Yadav himself.  It is said that the Grenadiers refused to carry their food so they could carry extra ammunition.  The whole operation was undertaken by 18 Grenadiers, 2 Naga, and 8 Sikh Regiment.  While the Alpha, Charlie, and Ghatak companies of the Grenadiers attacked from the rear, the Nagas were on the left flank, and the Sikhs on the right.

Grenadier Yogender Singh Yadav, 18 Grenadiers, in the wee morning hours of 04 July 1999 was part of the Commando ‘Ghatak’ Platoon tasked to capture three strategic bunkers on Tiger Hill. The approach was a vertical cliff face, snowbound at 16,500 feet. Grenadier Yadav, volunteering to lead the assault, was climbing the cliff face and fixing the ropes for further assault on the feature. Half-way up, an enemy bunker opened up machine gun and rocket fire. His Platoon Commander and 2 others fell to the heavy volume of automatic fire. Realising the enormity of the situation, he continued to scale the sheer cliff face alone through a volley of fire. In spite of having been hit by three bullets in his groin and shoulder, displaying superhuman strength and resolve, he climbed the remaining 60 feet, all by himself and reached the top. With rare grit and courage, he crawled up to the bunker critically injured and lobbed a grenade killing four Pakistani soldiers and neutralising enemy fire. This act was directly instrumental in facilitating the rest of the platoon in climbing up the cliff face.

Grievously injured, but with reckless disregard to personal safety, Grenadier Yadav now charged on to the second bunker and neutralised it, with two of his colleagues in an extremely fierce hand-to-hand combat, killing three Pakistani soldiers. Yhis extraordinarily gallant act motivated the rest of the platoon which quickly traversed the treacherous terrain and braving hostile fire, charged onto the enemy to capture Tiger Hill, a vital objective. Throughout this operation, from scaling the sheer vertical cliff face by rope for destruction of 2 Pakistani bunkers in succession, Grenadier Yadav displayed indomitable spirit, determination and action beyond the call of the duty. For his sustained display of the most conspicuous personal bravery and gallantry of the highest order in the face of the enemy, Grenadier Yogender Singh Yadav was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest medal for gallantry.

It is a story worth listening and remembering.

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