If Bollywood has established Women as no more than Sex Objects, then why does it protest the rapes so much??

Are the Bollywood just being holier-than-thou when it comes to issues, while in their films they themselves showcase women as sex objects?  People like Mahesh Bhatt, whose heart probably beats for every social ill, which he blames on Religion, is probably the shallowest of them all.

No one has used women.. and I want to deliberately have that word here.. USE…. as much as Mahesh Bhatt.  Specifically, in his movies.  Using Porn Stars is not to show the acting talent of a woman actor, but to titillate the men audience.  Use a Sunny Leone, make her expose the heck out of her and then, just hope that the testosterone in the country will rise to the occasion and deliver a hit for Bhatts…. and of course, a lot of money in their bank.

The same guy, then joins all the marches and gets extra vocal on Twitter.  If the youth is being taught day in and day out, that the ONLY function of a woman is to be used for Sex – for what else is a Porn Star’s life, if not that? – then, how can you push the whole blame of their sexual perversion to their “religious upbringing”??

If the story demands, sure, the actress should expose whatever is needed as per the story.  But, what about when a skimpily dressed female, luring men IS the story itself?

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